So now that DC comics is offered on Comixology unlimited, honestly what’s the point of this membership for someone who just wanted to read about their favorite superhero events; past, present, and ongoing!?

Because most of the content that is in the library here that you read for monthly membership fee, you would have to buy from Comixology.

Because of member demand, we are getting complete arcs for many titles including Judas Contract, Morrison JLA, Doom Patrol, Young Justice, and Death of Superman. We are even getting recent runs, though not many.

The monthly membership fee of Comixology lUnlimited allows a 15% reduction in the cost of the current comics that members buy. If we buy more than 10 comics a month, it pays for itself. The 15% cut applies to many important Graphic Novels and non current comics issues, but not all.

Comixology Unlimited has a different selection of ‘free’ comics than DC Universe.
They include more recent Rebirth Titles, including some popular Graphic Novels, but it’s real purpose is to encourage you to buy, mostly at 15% less, the rest of the issues for most titles.

Comixology Unlimited has a much wider range of Vertigo comics than DC Universe, which is limited to many complete arcs of Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing and Animal Man. The introductory issues of most important Vertigo titles are in Unlimited, but again you have to buy for material beyond that.

Comixology itself contains all the DC and Vertigo content that has been made digital. Unlimited is a small percentage of that. Also Comixology offers most older comics at 1.99 an issue. And periodically., they have great sales. Yesterday I bought the first three volumes of Silver Age Flash at 5.00 each, using the sale and my 15% off from Unlimited. I think most Graphic Novels are 15.00, with most at 15% If you have Unlimited.

DC Universe only has two issues of Silver Age Flash, though that may change soon, as the library is finished. Besides Flash, we are missing most Supergirl, Superman, Brave and Bold and Showcase. But we have 3,000 comics that cover the non Graphic Novels of the DC Universe.