Comix Rant: digital inking over The Shadow #7 cover

UPDATE: I finally got to finish coloring this and wanted to share it as part of this thread. It was a lot of fun to do, but I really did have to mess around w the color theory of it all! This version was the least offensive!

Here’s the process video for the coloring phase if you guys are interested.

And now back to the original post!

I unearthed some of my older comics from when I was a kid recently and I got hit with a pretty awesome wave of nostalgia. The Shadow #7 was one of my absolute favorite books when I was a kid.

It got reprinted in the Philippines through National Bookstore and it made US comics accessible even to my small allowance. It funny because back then I looked down on these reprints because they weren’t the ‘original’. But the truth is, these are the most precious books to myself now. And it’s awesome to find that my tastes as a kid line up with my tastes now!

Frank Robbins is an amazing artist. His work on the Shadow is my favorite depiction of the character. The loose open-line brushwork he does still boggles my mind. I usually ink way too tight, but he’s got this ‘effortless’ brush stroke and energy that I really love.

So my apologies to mr. Robbins, but I just had to ink and color over his work… this cover is so burned into my brain and I just had to show my love for it!

You can watch the time lapse process on my Instagram account here


REALLY love the brushwork on this! Your rendition reads super clearly. Awesome job!

Oh thank you! I have a few more I need to post up, but I’m glad you liked it! Also… seeing as you’re a moderator…

I was wondering if there’s anybody’s ear you can bend to put these Shadow comics on this service? I know all these IPs are problematic and probably not profitable to put on here, but I wish a few of these titles could show up here.

Like Atari Force or Spanner’s Galaxy would be so great to see on here!

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Great question! You can request any titles you’d like to see on the service in our Comic Book Print to Digital Request Thread for consideration. :slight_smile:

I can get the ones you mentioned added to our request sheet for now though!


YESSSSS!!! AWESOME! Thank you!

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