Coming Soon & Last Chance: October 1st, 2019

It’s just coming back with what already left and removing stuff that just came back right?


Live action wonder woman

So nothing new just same stuff rotated back in


@TheHelloThereDude as far as more stuff leaving then coming. The last time they rotated anything out was in June, where they rotated out 10 things (no lie that is a lot), but since July started I checked and here is what has been added since those 10 were rotated out… not counting original series. (although worth noting in that time Titans Season 2 and the second part of Young Justice Season 3 did also happen during that time)

Batman: Year One
Green Lantern: Emerald Knights
Justice League vs. Teen Titans
Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths
Justice League: Doom
Watchmen: Under the Hood
Constantine 2005
DC Spotlight: SHAZAM!
Batman HUSH
Aquaman (1967)
Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero
The Batman vs. Dracula
Superman/Batman: Apocalypse
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

Plus the five movies added in October.

That is 21 movies and TV shows that have been added since (or in some cases at the same time as) stuff has been removed. Plus the second half of Young Justice Season 3, plus Titans started in that time and reportedley but not officially Harley Quinn also debuts next month. Included in that was Watchmen, Watchmen: Under The Hood, Constantine 2005, DC Spotlight: Shazam, The Aquaman animated series, and Hush which are all movies and shows that had not been n DCU before.

Even if you combine the 10 we lost in June and the 8 we will lose next month, we are still coming out ahead and will still have more stuff on here then we had when they first removed the last batch of movies in June.

Now not trying to be an apologist, some people don’t like they rotate stuff off and that is a valid opinion to have. I just thought it was worth putting in perspective. We will lose more then we gain next month, in the time between the last time stuff was rotated out and October they have definitely given us more then they are taking away.


Saturday is a good day to watch a lot of the titles leaving in October since it’s Batman Day :bat::bat::bat:


I don’t think I’ve seen All-Star Superman. That’s strange considering it’s the best Superman story. I hope the movie is as good as the book. If so I’ll be on the lookout for it.


Sad that

Justice League The New Frontier is leaving

I consider that essential to all new members who want a background before reading comics for the first time.


well, I DO Like All Star and Superman vs the Elite, so that’s great… any word on when we can expect Teen Titans vs Teen Titans Go? I really loved it at SDCC and am looking forward to watching it again.


Why y’all always get rid of so much SMDH


So what happen to having new dc animated movies arriving the same day and physical release now hearing 90 days later such a shame


When will we get Wonder Woman: Bloodlines?


Animated flicks will now be coming to the app 90 days after release, Notcreative.


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Smallville anyone? All ten seasons on show box but a pain in the ass with ads and app crash… Just saying

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What is the logic behind removing stuff from dc universe? Are the rights being sold off to other services?

Has the coming and goings for November been posted yet?

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I hate losing Supergirl! It is one of my favorites.

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So basically movie section is going to be pretty empty? :frowning:

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Yes unfortunately. I’m ready for improvement.

It sure has, @DanTheManOne1!

You can catch the latest in this post!