Coming Soon & Last Chance Movies & TV in November/December

Coming Soon:
Batman (1989)
Batman & Robin
Batman Forever
Batman Returns
Spotlight Series:
The New Adventures of Batman
The New Adventures of Aquaman
The New Adventures of Superman

Last Chance:
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight


I knew the Batman movies were coming back soon. Cool to have the New Adventures shows


Hopefully the next time the Nolan movies come back, we’ll get the Dark Knight Rises too.


The 60s cartoon is finally coming home! Can’t wait til December! :smiley:


I want to rewatch The Dark Knight Rises.


What does ‘spotlight series’ mean?

Those are the series’ we’re really excited to talk about :slight_smile:


We are informed 2 days in advance they are going down? And I remember DC Universe saying that they would have notice on the movies listing if something was about to go down, I checked and it STILL isn’t on there. Seriously, was there some incident that made them have to take it down immediately they didn’t see coming because 2 days notice on just the forum is not adequately telling people something is coming down, which is what they said they would be doing.

I like the stuff they are adding, and I get I have had 2 months to watch the Batman films so not bitter in and of itself they are going down. But I don’t think it is too mucht o ask that they give sufficient notification something is coming down. a post on the forums that is not easy to find in advance, especially when not all members visit the forums is not sufficient.


So I only have 2 days to watch batman begins and dark knight


It’s disappointing to have two of the handful of good live action movies removed, without anything being added to to the catalog until December. But I’m still thankful we had them for as long as we did. As Truth_of_Pisces said, hopefully when they come back they’ll bring the Dark Knight Rises with them.


Very happy to see Filmation shows coming on board. Keep up the great work!

I’m happy to see those titles being added, when are more animated movies being added and the new Batman adventures aka season 3 of BTAS coming?

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So why do we have to have movies/shows removed? I was hoping for this to be a one-stop-shop for everything in the DC catalog, and paying a monthly fee would give you access to every movie, TV show, etc… That is the ideal service most fans were and still are hoping for.


I agree 100%

Asgheywilbanks I couldn’t tell you why they are taking those two movies down. But as far as every DC movie and TV show in one place, that is not realistic sadly. A lot of DC movies and TV shows, especially ones made before Warner bought out DC were licensed by other companies to make the movie/show and are not owned by DC or Warner Brothers making it difficult if not impossible to get them all on especially at the same time due to working out deals, and some rights holders to said movies or shows wouldn’t want to. Add to that the ones, especially recent ones or ongoing shows, which have ongoing streaming deals with other services, and getting every movie or show with a DC character on this service at all, much less at the same time would be virtually impossible at least in the forseeable future.

Now don’t know the reason for those two Batman movies, or why they couldn’t have warned us more then 3 days in advance they were going down which is annoying since they said they would post a better notice and DID post a notice almost a month in advance for the other Batman movies when they launched.

But as far as this being a one stop show for all DC movies and TV shows… yeah everyone would like that but sadly it is not a realistic expectation.


Unless I’m missing it… wish we would have had more notice for when the movies were being taken down. 2 days (1 for me since I just saw this) to find 4 hours to watch these, while not working, is a bit rough… a lot rough actually.


…and does this mean I have through the end of 11/1 to watch these? Or are they pulled once thr calendar hits 11/1?

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At least more stuff is coming than going

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Keep adding More & More of the DC movies