Coming Soon & Last Chance: Movies & TV in January 2019

Coming Soon:
Green Lantern: The Animated Series (1/1)
Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (1/1)
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (1/1)
Young Justice: Outsiders (1/4)
All-Star Superman (1/8)
Aquaman (TV Pilot) (1/11)
Superman vs The Elite (1/15)
Superman Unbound (1/21)
Reign of the Supermen (1/29)

Last Chance:
Batman: Under The Red Hood (1/1)
Batman: Year One (1/1)
Green Lantern: Emerald Knights (1/1)
Green Lantern: First Flight (1/1)
Justice League vs. Teen Titans (1/1)
Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (1/1)
Justice League: Doom (1/1)
Justice League: Gods and Monsters (1/1)
Justice League: The New Frontier (1/1)
Supergirl (1/1)
Superman II (1/1)
Superman III (1/1)
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1/1)


So many emotions.

Sadness. Disgust. Anger.

Getting rid of so many movies, some that members knowing little of DC lore need to learn about DC Universe quickly, like Batman Year One and New Frontier.

I feel nothing is safe from rotation.

It is better to buy the Graphic Novel trade or the DVD, than to rely on the material being there when the members want to look at it. Which is what DC Management wants, why there are so many titles with only one issue.

A little more than a week, to look at all those films?

It is like being given a lot of homework.

And between Christmas and New Years.

At least, DC Management is clear on their opinion of our opinions.

DC Management is losing a tremendous amount of good will on this, permanently damaging the relationship between them and the members of the Community.

Why? And why now?

Nothing against the Mods. They still do great work. It was just sad that one of them had to post this, on Christmas Eve.


so happy you are adding the superman movies the only few dc animated films i haven’t seen. …BUUUTT really pissed you guys are taking out some great films luckily i got my 2nd and even some 3rd watch through this month but still sad people will miss out on from amazing movies


The good news is awesome but the last chance bad news…well s*it!

I’ve seen them all and am sure they’ll be back in a couple of months like the Batman films did but damn. Just…damn!


I’m sorry to see the last chance films go, but can’t wait to see the new stuff!


Sorry to see stuff go, but I am sure it will return. Super excited for the additions soon to be available.


Man I have to say I love the app but why lose so much stuff? Hopefully it will circulate but I feel you guys need as much as possible to offer to keep this app great.


What’s the issue with keeping these titles on your servers. The purpose (from my initial assumption) was paying for the ABILITY to watch/read these titles at our leisure, not being forced to see them in a time in a period.

I’m also a bit irked that at this point the only films you have up are the early 80’s renditions of Batman and Superman. I can understand not having the films released within the past 3 years or so …to a degree. Dont get me started on the absence of the movie Constantine :angry:.

What about the current DC TV titles, The Flash, Legends, Supergirl and Arrow? Having the abil6to see at least the first 3 or 4 sessions would be nice.

Just feeling a bit taken advantage of


Your common sense took advantage of you. Exclusive licensing rights deals exist now matter how new or old

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Whoa, that leaves 7 movies and only adds 2 on the first. Plus we’ll have to wait till the end of the month to have 13 films available, while there are 20 right now. This just seems excessive. We’re losing so much, while barely getting anything new in return. I wish we’d get a little more transparency with these things, like, at least tell us WHY so much is leaving.


Jeeze, and it’s just another Supes/Bats dump. I’d really like to see some more heroes and villains showcased one here.


That is a lot of titles leaving at once. The problem for me is that you give us so short notice. How are we supposed to watch all of those in such a small window of time? It’s ridiculous. You couldn’t have told us a few days ago? You had to do it on Christmas Eve?


Get 9 new things losing 13 that’s alot I understand wish it was one or 2 titles leaving not 13


Wish the newer titles would get added at least the series haven’t been removed

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Why are we looking movies within just a couple months…? With a couple weeks notice?

I mean I get it with some it’s a contactual thing but for the animated movie s shouldn’t every one be on there? Same for the comics add to the collection don’t make it an even balance.


I am a little worried…when the Disney/Marvel app starts, and their selection is more than DC app from the get go, it could be a PR nightmare


Very disappointing news, especially since it’s all happening so soon. Will there be any high quality films that stay here permanently?


Ugh. I hate having a deadline. I can’t enjoy watching something under duress.
Definitely gonna make a difference when it’s time to decide whether to resubscribe or not…


That was a pretty disappointing read, I’m not happy about the stuff that’s leaving. Seems to me the more content this platform has the more marketable it will be.


That is a really short notice given that there are so many movies leaving and we’re trying to balance time with family during the holiday.