comicssss added tonight

i hope for some new green lantern to get added tonight what do you guys want to get added?

I’m looking forward to new Batman titles! I can never have too much Batman!

Any specific GL title you’re looking forward to? :eyes:


I’m hoping for some Green lantern from the 1990s dealing with Kyle Rayner honestly he’s my favorite green lantern

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Hopefully that’s not a long shot I would love to see it

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Hoping “Who’s Who & What’s What” makes it. Let pretty much most people under 35 get a view of what a character rich place the pre-crisis DCU was and just how many obscure and coolly strange characters crisis cost us.

The next reboot is a second flashpoint that brings back the pre crisis continuity and rolls in the best other characters since.


Are Vertigo books still unlikely to happen? I’d love to read some classic Hellblazer or some Preacher. Maybe even titles like Scalped or American Vampire.


@dr.swampthing Sadly, so sadly, Vertigo titles are still very unlikely to happen. :pensive:


Lucifer preacher izombie. :disappointed:constinte