Comics Sometimes Start Over

I couldn’t find anything about this, but I could have just searched for the wrong terms.

I’d say about 1 out of every 10 comics or so, I’ll be reading it, swipe to the next page, and I’ll go back to the beginning of the comic. Not to the cover, but the first page after that.

It’s not the end of the world or anything, just sort of strange. Has anyone else noticed this?


I’ve had it happen but nowhere near that often. it’s only happened to me three times and I’ve read through multiple full series (Injustice, Bombshells, Batman (2011-2016), Legion of superheroes several volumes). and various single issues although it has only happened to me when I am in the middle of a series and not a random one off issue.

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Hmm, very odd indeed @Dr.Criminale! Do you mind telling us what device you use and whether or not you’re using the DCUI app when it happens? Thanks, friend! :slight_smile:

Has happened to me quite a few times as well. Right now I can’t even read comics cuz it just gives me a blank page.

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Life got in the way. I use iOS mostly. Ive noticed it seems to happen much more on older comics.

No worries! I suggest you submit a ticket into our CS here so they can find out what exactly is going on.

@EverAJ if you’re still having that problem too, I’d suggest the same. Sorry for the inconvenience :frowning:

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