"comics" section feedback

What improvements would you like?
I absolutely hate that my tablet android app locks to landscape. Stop it! I want portrait when I’m browsing the app.
In the comics section I’d like the ability changed list or detail view instead of thumbnails.
Stream the issues instead of just download.
Easy way to start the next issue from the end of the previous issue.
Add a series to your list so when you finish #1 and exit the app you can jump right into issue 2 without having to manually add it.

What else?


yeah strangely my phone and my 7-inch Android tablet work fine with DCU at the landscape or regular but with my 10-inch it only shows the landscape longer view.

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Is that real life inches or internet inches?

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I’m sure that bug will get worked out then, it’s fine here on my android phone as well

I’m having an issue where when I swipe/tap to the next panel everything goes black. Either I can go into tile mode, reselect the page I was on, and that works; or I need to quit the app entirely on iOS.
Another small but annoying issue I’m having is sometimes it’ll read a zoom in/zoom out as a next page swipe.

Other than that… dude I’m so excited I have so much access. I can’t wait to have the whole digital library, but I’m concerned about how it’ll work.

I just read all the complaints and I’m a little sad for you cause I’ve had zero issues. I’m a beta tester on Google for this app and I use my iPad just for reference to see how well I to works. I’ve had no bugs on my iPad or Galaxy E Tablet or my LG V20. It might be your device? Any issues you have that have to do with the app on your end I would recommend you go to your app store and send the feedback directly to to the DCU Support email listed. It’s hard as a developer to make every platform run smoothly. That’s why Snapchat is ass on androids lol. Mind you iOS has only been update to 1.0.2 and that was a week ago. Android is at 1.16 so obviously they’ve had more bugs there. Hope this helps!

My only feedback is that library is not as big as it looks as of now. A LOT is missing.