Comics Rotation

Why are the comics being rotated out so quickly??? The New Teen Titans are already being switched out as new ones are added weekly. You don’t even give people enough time to read them.


It’s ridiculous. They shouldn’t be removing comics at all.


It seems like they were gonna nickel and dime us with a digital store front for single issues, but I think the poor reception so far has made them rethink their approach because it’s already the second half of October and no word of what their full plans are anymore.


I have a feeling they are going to charge us a lot for the full library they claim to be available for purchase this month.


So basically we will be paying $8/mo for a comic book preview service. Ugh. The shows/animation are nice but will eventually run out. It’s the comics that have the potential to keep customers on board.


I’m getting more and more fed up with the comic part of this subscription… the old tv shows and animated films aren’t what I joined for, I get it they aren’t going to release the newest comics, but rotating comics out on a weekly basis? How am I supposed to actual read a story arc? Now I have to pick and choose what I am reading based on what you are going to remove the next week? Hot garbage…