Comics Rotated Out Have Returned

So I’m looking through the app, and I’ve noticed that comics that were removed like Batman #404-407, which is Year One, and the entirety of Identity Crisis have been added back to the app.

Identity Crisis’s thumbnail says 1 issue, but when I clicked it, it has the whole series and allows it to be downloaded.

Do you folks think this is a case where DC is hearing our justifiable complaint and bringing these comics back?

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I only see Identity Crisis #1 available.

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That is weird! I see all seven issues.

I only see one issue as well on my iPhone

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I only see one issue on my PC, my phone and my tablet as well so I would guess you must have a glitch of some sort.

I wish I could screenshot and show it. I see them on my iPhone.

I don’t see them either. @rikk - Did you download them?

@4granted, I didn’t download them. I just scrolled down, clicked IDC, and all 7 issues were there, same with Batman Year One.

I also see all 7 issues even though it’s labeled only 1 is there

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Only on iphone. Too bad for us Androids