Comics not about superheroes?

Is this any recommendation that I can read here that’s not about superheroes?

I read the Flintstones and Snagglepuss Chronicles



Camelot 3000
are great.

There are westerns here like All Star Jonah Hex and Batlash. I have’nt read them.

I think there is a Sgt Rock in the library. They made be more War Comics too.


Planetary may be skirting the definition of non-superhero, but is an excellent read and well outside the typical DC heroics.

Also, the Swamp Thing comics tend to read more like horror comics than cape books. There are also a few horror books in House of Secrets/Mystery. But they’re far from the tone of the books you mentioned. That Flintstones is surprisingly good, however.

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A few non-superhero books that are here and worth a read:

-All-Star Western
-Amethyst titles (Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld volumes 1 and 2, Sword of Sorcery)
-Blackhawks (New 52)
-Camelot 3000
-G.I. Combat
-House of Mystery (classic and/or Vertigo series)
-Jack Cross (written by Warren Ellis)
-The Jetsons
-Men of War
-Sleeper seasons one and two

An argument could be made for Green Lantern not being a superhero as Green Lanterns are agents of intergalactic law enforcement and “Green Lantern” is their title and not a self-created superhero moniker. So, on that note, Green Lantern is an option too.


Since you liked (or based on saying you read them you seem to like them) Snagglepuss and Flintstones. You should definitely consider checking out “Dastardly and Mutley” and “Ruff and Ready” and “Wacky Raceland” which are also re-imagine classic Hannah-Barberra characters.

The Green Team Teen Trillionares also might be good, just think a fan of the two you mentioned might like it.

Some other various non-superhero books I found on here…

There is one on here called Hard Time… never heard of it but it seems to be some comic about a guy with strange powers in prision, doesn’t look like it is a super hero comic.

G.I. Combat the 2012 series is on here which is a war comic with superntural and science-fiction elements. Never read it but is an option.

Sgt. Rock The Prophecy is also on here. Haven’t read it but a friend of mine did and really liked it, for whatever that is worth.

Amethyst is also an option if you are into fantasy type stuff.

There are several He-Man and the Masters of the UNiverse comics on here if that is your thing. (might be too close to Super Heroes but technically isn’t)

Human Target is not a super hero comic (although it is set in the DC Universe but is about a guy who assumes the identities of people who’s lives are in danger)

I, Vampire is about… well Vampires. lol.

Madame Xandu is a Vertigo horror book.

The Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love is a horro comic on here also.

Perez is on here. I honestly don’t recommend it as I tried that book many years ago and thought it was horrible. But it is about a teenager who becomes president written in the 70’s… is about as far away from a super hero book as anything on here. There is a reboot titles from 2015 on here, didn’t read it since we established I hated the original, but might be better if nothing else it was written a lot more recently which might help.

Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth is a post apocalyptic series which owes a little to Planet of the Apes.

Have a feeling it might be too close to Super Heroes but Mortal Kombat is on here. Again, not sure that is what you meant but is not actually a super hero book.

I have never been a fan but Challengers of the Unknown is an adventure series not a superhero series.


Camelot 3000. It is a seminal book in the history of comics, and a great story.


Prez (2016) by Mark Russel is fantastic, and I’m sure you’d like it given the books you say you’ve read.


The Jetsons
Jonah Hex
Gotham Gazette
All-Star Western
Future Quest
Future Quest Presents
House of Mystery
Challengers of the Unkown
Bat Lash
Gotham Central
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth
Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography
Men of War
Prez (both of them)
Star Spangled War Stories
Red (Now a motion picture)
Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy
Victorian Undead I & II
Wacky Raceland


Gotham Central is the single greatest police comic of all time, and if you’re okay with the existence of superheroes in the book (Batman pops up every once in a while, as do his rogues) then I’d tell you to read it in a heartbeat. It’s fantastic one way or the other, though.

I second the recommendation of Prez (2015-2016). Easily one of the best new titles from DC You.

It’s written by Mark Russell, who also wrote The Flintstones.

I’ll add:

Arion (80s series)
Omega Men (80s run)
House of Secrets

Wow thanks guys!

Dang, I came on here just to recommend Prez but everyone else kind of has.
Gotham Academy isn’t superheroes. Its sort of on the line being on the Batman stuff, kind of, but I say it counts. And its amazing. It’s just about peoples lives at this crazy Gotham high school.
Hitman I guess. Its absolutely amazing and I don’t consider it a superhero comic. But its kind of in the middle.
THose are about it for what hasn’t been mentioned.