Comics newbie looking for suggestions. Where to start?

My DC experiences are limited to movies, tv, animation. I’ve really wanted to get into the actual comics side of it all but have no idea where to start. Of course Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash etc., but I’d love to dig in and learn about some of the more obscure and unfocused characters. Open to any and all suggestions. Thanks!

Can I personally suggest reading Batman: The Long Halloween.

It’s one of my favorites :).

If you’re looking for obscure characters, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are great.


Pick something that looks interesting to you. We all have different tastes. Want something comfortable and classic? Try the characters everyone knows like Batman. Want to explore more of the unknown regions of comic book lore? Pick something of which you have never heard. Either way I wager you will enjoy your journey.

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Even though you are interested in DC comics heros. You will be disappointed when you start to read a story and the seriers just ends in the middle as with Justice League Dark which I was enjoying and then stopped in the middlle of the storyline I was reading. The DC app is not for comic book readers. I would recommened the Marvel Universe app. Complete series and updates on new issues in around 3 months. Very disappointed in DC app and i am a much bigger fan of DC heros. Marvel is killing it with comic book reading and at a very reasonable cost. DC is more concerned with streaming.

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It makes me so happy to see people wanting to get into comics!

If you want something here on the DCU, I have to recommend:

Teen Titans #1-20 by Geoff Johns (2003-2011).

Green Arrow #1-10 by Kevin Smith (2000).

My outside recommendation would be:

Titans (2008-2011) Titans Book One: Together Forever.

Happy reading!