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Did I hear wrong during the launch of DC Universe that they would be creating some sort of comic subscription add on to the DC universe subscription?

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No I don’t think that is happening. But it might.

They’ve been tight lipped about it ever since they took down the “full comic library will be available to purchase in October” message. Hasn’t really inspired much confidence


They are listening to feedback and reevaluating things. They are a company. These things take time. Who knows how many channels of approval they have to go through even to make the changes happen, so let’s try to practice some patience. I know it is hard, but the rumor is the changes are happening in January. That isn’t that far off, so let’s try to wait until then, unless you are a monthly subscription than have fun, come back in January if you hear things are more to what you want. :slight_smile: I am going to continue enjoying interacting with a stellar community personally. This site has allowed me to talk to other DC fans, which is freaking awesome!


@PrincessAmethyst Love the name btw/whats your profile pic of lol??

But agreed 100% !!! I see you in a lot of threads, it’s cool seeing other loyal fans like you and myself who love spreading the good word of DC Universe and consistent positivity. I know this app is going to be amazing!


My profile pic is of the Amethyst short, you can find it in the shorts section on here. I highly recommend it. Doesn’t take much time to watch it all either.

I enjoy spreading the positivity as much as I can, also spreading constructive conversation surrounding feedback. Truly, I love engaging with the community when I can, so thanks for noticing me.


Princessamethyst & -deku

Good stuff, I don’t get all the complaints either, & I’m not fishing for compliments…I’ve posted in all kinds of spots echoing the same things you are talking about. I love this site & the people who run it do a great job doing so.

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Will the Super Sons comics going to be available any time soon?

The problem with waiting until January is that they are sitting on our sub fees until then.

I paid for the year, and I am happy enough with Titans and the animated shows that at least I at worst disgruntled. However, I am a little tired of SOON™ on my dime.

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@archguru, I think that the reason for January probably has to do with the fact they gave 3 months free for those of us that got annual subscriptions before the launch. So it is technically on their dime right now for a good chunk of subscribers. I think they partially did that on purpose to help with getting the app where they and we want it.