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I have hundreds of DC comics still in mint condition. How do I find out what they are worth.

Well, if they’re in mint condition, by the book, they’re worth what you paid for them if they’re from within the past 30 years.

If you need to sell them, figure you’ll get less than half cover price for almost everything published from 1992 to present if you try to sell them yourself on the web. Almost universally, if you take a box of 300 to 375 Comics to a comic book store with anything from like 1990 on in great condition, they’ll offer you $45, basically 12 cents to 15 cents a comic. Please try it sometime if you don’t believe me.

Condition is everything. Make sure that you perhaps go to and download what they have for a price calculation guide, or any of the other fine sites out there that show you how to evaluate your comics. What you think is new and mint, someone else might consider rat-tailed, you would be shocked.

Check or

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For price check

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Thanks for the advice. I have a ton of the DragonRing Series. And I also have some of Marvel’s The Thing Series dating back to 1964 still in plastic and never opened. Would that have any significant value

I’m not familiar with Dragonring.

As I recall, the Thing series started in like the early 1980s after the first Secret War. Are you referring to his appearance with the Human Torch in Strange Tales back in the mid-sixties?

I can’t speak to the price of those, but if you do a Google with the title of the comic as it appears in the first page along with the issue number, you should come up with some possible pricing.

You normally need to remove the comics from the bag they are in to determine their condition and then value, unless they’re CCG rated and sealed.

If any are Superman I’ll take them.


Interesting you bring this topic up, it’s reminiscent of the wild movement in the early 90s where suddenly the world thought if you bought enough comics you’d eventually get rich, almost like the gold rush. Once 2 years or so passed and all the people buying you know 10 copies of one comic suddenly realized they just wasted all their money, they couldn’t even give the comics away, the comic industry was almost destroyed.

The reality is, if you’re willing to sell your new comics within a year, you typically can move most of them on eBay for half price. As I’ve said elsewhere here, IMO, comics are a lot like all the other storytelling entertainment media; we all record a lot of stuff on our DVRs, or stream a series once on Netflix, but we don’t plan to keep watching the episode over and over (unless I’m 4) .
I’m going to delete it usually because I’m never going to watch it again 80% or so of the time. Same with comics. Do we enjoy them? sure. do we like to get our new Comics fix every month? you bet. Are we going to spend 10 times the price it cost to read it a year from now? probably not


@Jewel-El I have lots of Superman

If you guys come over to the DCU Book Club Discord site, you can talk one-on-one actually. We have individual chat there if you want to talk more about your comics for sale with each other.