Comics Code Authority

Does anyone know the criteria for the Comics Code Authority for around the year 2000? I thought the criteria established in the 50s about no profanity was a cornerstone that stayed with the ages, but Geoff John’s Teen Titans run includes it. I was fine with the word being cut off, where the reader can figure out what was going to be said, but I do not like to read blatant profanity.

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There were comics before that which featured profanity among other things that presumably out of compliance with the CCA. In the late 1960’s there was definitely a rising opposition to the CCA which ran on for decades until it finally got abolished in 2011 when DC adopted its own rating system like Marvel did in '06.

I know they edited it because the 50s criteria mentioned no blood and no use of the word haunted in the title or story, which obviously became edited with Swamp Thing in the Bronze Age. But, what I do not know is how that Bronze Age criteria shifted to the Modern Age where it became apparently acceptable for profanity to appear.

I looked up how DC Comics rates their comics, but it is not the most accurate system. Superman Rebirth is rated T, I read issue 1, and have been told that there is no profanity, yet is still marked in the same category as other comics that use profanity in the first issue onwards.