Comics are not "unlimited"

Expiring comics on very short rotations, is a bad model, IMO. Even if this is how it’s going to be, there should be some explanation stated somewhere of what you are getting into. I’d even pay a little more for an “unlimited” style service.

I’m watching and waiting to see if I keep this subscription.


I agree the comic selection is pretty small. Hopefully they continue to add to their catalogue. When the the Marvel unlimited app came out they didn’t have a ton either but they built it up.


Did they pull titles in less than a month? That’s the part that really gives me pause. I’m ok with a slow roll out.


Still waiting for the ability to purchase titles on the service too.


I’d love to purchase some new comics, but I’m always rushing to read old comics before they pull them. Buying new puts me feather behind on trying to finish 2 week only runs.