Comic Suggestions

I’ve never really read a comic before, but I want to get into it. I’m interested in anything Batman related really and I’m 13 if that matters. Any suggestions help!

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Start with Batman Year One, it’s a great story found in Batman issues 404 through 407. Dark Knight Returns is another good one, and Under the Red Hood. A personal favorite for me is ‘A Lonely Place For Dying’ found in issues 440 through 442. They have those issues on here. I’d also try out Batman Eternal, it’s a 52 issue series.


What I always tell people who are interested in getting into comics is first figure out who or what interests you. (First approach) Since you like Batman it makes it a bit easier. Are you interested in the Robins? Batman himself? Batgirl? Batwomen? If you aren’t sure, I recommend using comicstorian or comicsexplained on YouTube to get a background on the bat family. Once you find one you like, pick up their first REBIRTH issue. They’re great for new readers! ( Dont read new 52 or any previous yet because it’s really confusing and you will get confused as to what is confirmed and what isn’t. Use comicsexplained to help you understand )

The second approach you can take is figuring out what genre you like. For example: if you like drama, comedy, a bit of romance and action, you’re more likely going to like the Nightwing comics. If you like action, comedy, drama and bits of horror, Red Hood may be the one for you.

The third approach (similar to the first) you can take is background. Who do you know? Who don’t you know? And is anything connected? For example: I grew up with the Teen Titans 2003 show and I always was fascinated with Robin, he was my favorite. When I found out he was Dick Grayson, I wanted to know more about him so I read the comics and was in love with them ever since. Another example: my best friend watches supernatural and loves Jensen Ackles. So when I showed her under the red hood and that he played the red hood, she immediately grew fond of it and now currently reads the rebirth comics (but she also loves reading that type of genre: action/horror/comedy)

I would like to know the full story of Batman: the Court of Owls and then also be able to read the Talon Comics.

Ive been reading comics for about 4 months.

The Long Halloween was my first Batman story ever. Maybe because I’ve seen (but not read) a lot of Batmam, it wasn’t confusing at all.

The Rebirth stories are confusing. But that’s because my mind needs to know everything. So, I’ve started at the very beginning. That approach though is definitely not for everyone.