Comic Subscription?

Hello, everyone! I was wondering if anyone knows of any comic book subscriptions? I want to become a collector, and was wondering if there was a subscription box out there for comic books, so I can land my hands on some DC Characters. I would greatly appreciate it, if someone could recommend one for me; one that ships to the U.S.

Don’t know if there are any subscriptions, but there are a few methods for comics. If you are new to comics, I recommend the Omnibus printings because the majority of the books are printed in chronological order. This link should help acquaint you with reprints similar to what happened with me which led me to discover the Omnibus:

Yes. Things From Another World provides subscriptions and discounts.

There are others, but my experience with them hasn’t been so good, but great experience with TFAW. You can also buy reasonably priced tpbs and variant covers. Really a great place to do business.