Comic shops good news

I’m a very happy man I’m giddy like a teenage girl going to prom! My Local comic shop its name Comic Book University; will be opening it’s doors tomorrow May 16 at 10:00 am ! Yes a little bit of normalcy is good but have to keep in mind to protect yourselves and others because of Covid19! So my fellow comic nerds are your Local Comic Shops opening soon and are you excited!

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I’ll be going to my local shop on Tuesday!


I don’t have a local shop, but even if I did…

People here in NC are being careless, and I work with a senior developmentally disabled client with multiple autoimmune disorders.

I can’t go out because these dopes are acting like their constitutional rights are have been quashed. If they would follow guidelines I could go…anywhere. As it is it’s stay (mostly) at home or lose my job. :triumph:

So you’re all quite lucky. You not only have a local shop, but people are operating in a way that lets you safely visit it. I’m jealous. Buy one for me!


I’m not entirely sure this town has one. Gotta find out.


I think I found one and it’s 5 minutes away!