comic selection is terrible

I was under impression I would be able to read all of the back issues of recent comics. Most series have 1-3 books available. Glad I didn’t do the year subscription. I’ll come back if and when they make more books available.


Not sure where that impression came from. They never said it would be all back issues, or even a lot of the rebirth stuff. Sounds like maybe just misaligned expectations.


They just genetically said they’d have comics from Action Comics #1 to Rebirth, many of us didn’t realize how much we’d be getting shafted until they did that horrible live stream a couple weeks ago, and even then we didn’t realize it would be this bad.


I have already read several Brave and the Bold issues…and love it. So I have to disagree with the original post.

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it’s not that the selection is terrible, inexplicable and designed to nickel and dime people to death (it is). It’s that they aren’t going to grow the library. That’s what really sucks. 2500 “base” amount with rotating selections. Complete rip off. Frankly I’d pay double what they charge for a DC Unlimited type of app. Hell, I don’t even care if I get the new stuff or the “evergreen” stuff like COIE or Watchmen. I just want an ever growing library from New Fun Comics #1 to about Flashpoint.


It definitely needs some Vertigo in it…


I’ve been trying digital comic platforms unlimited for about the past 4-5 years, many have come and gone but I keep trying them because frankly the cost of paper Comics is just too crazy (I also get my magazines digitally with magzter). I still buy some Comics but I’ve been able to save a lot of money by using Marvel unlimited comics, comixology and Comic Blitz. I was using Scribd but they stopped and I was using some other services they stopped as well… if DC Comics says keep it a 2500 Comics a month and does a nice rotation that could work for me especially if it’s recent stuff that they keep adding a new issue to each month.

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Yes the comic selection is terrible. I always got my comics the “free” way through the internet so I could read older comics easily and to catch up on newer series so I could start buying the new issues from my comic shop. Marvel Unlimited gave a service that allowed people to access almost all of their superhero stuff making downloading comics for free off the internet not necessary anymore. Many people thought DC was gonna go the Marvel Unlimited route with DC Universe but clearly that is not the case. In fact they will add and remove comics at will. I can understand if DC wanted to make a premium version of this server and to charge an extra $5 to have access to the DC Vault of all their older comics and leave the base subscription at the few 100 we get currently. But eventually this service will not be worth the price once everyone watches all they have to offer and are only left with the few original programming and comics. Having a Marvel Unlimited type service is how they will make this DC service survive.


I’d definitely pay 14 bucks a month if they had what’s available here movie and tv wise, and a marvel unlimited type of service; even if it doesn’t include the rebirth line.


DCU costs $75/year

MU cost $69/year

Marvel shows and movie rights on Netflix is 4% of Netflix budget. 4% of Netflix Premium is about $0.50/month or $6/year.

MU Plus Marvel portion of Netflix Shows combined cost about $75/year combined.

Why should DC pay more for less content?


Yeah. This isn’t DC universe. Its more like a joker prank to dc fans. This app is not user friendly and aside from some benefits this is a waste of money. Vertigo comics, linear comic stories, ALL ANIMATION. Give us the DC UNIVERSE.