Comic Reviews for 5/7/19

These are the comics that I read and reviewed this week. I’m slowly catching up on Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, and Suicide Squad right now.

I review everything on a 15 point category. 5 points for Cohesiveness (How easy the story is to follow) 5 points for Enjoyability (How fun is it?) and 5 points for a well written story (How good is the story?) I also have a bonus point for event level comics, because they are harder to pull off. Without further ado, here we go

Action Comics Special #1

Though it’s the end of action comics, it’s really interesting looking back a year. In retrospect all of these stories feel insignificant, and only one plot point is wrapped up. Honestly the whole last volume of Action Comics is kind of a let down. Too many loose threads to be the end. Only Superman Special #1 to go, and that’s focused on Tomasi. Story 1 is fine, but doesn’t really resolve anything. Story 2 is fun, but only adds more unresolved threads. Story 3 is sappy and has an All-Star Superman sort of vibe.

Cohesiveness: 3
Enjoyability: 4
Story: 2

Batman #46

I'm pretty sure King has never read a booster gold comic in his life. The whole thing feels forced and when we are so close to the wedding, it just feels like the Wedding is being ignored with an elseworld. This poor timing would be better if the story was good, but this story isn't great. Skeets is completely forgotten about and everything has fallen apart. Knowing that Booster is in Heroes in Crisis, it's more disheartening.

Cohesiveness: 4
Enjoyability: 2
Story: 3

Curse of Brimstone #2

Two issues in and I'm still undecided about the series, on one hand the characters have some cool traits, but the villains are kinda flat. I do like the small town approach to the hero, but the villain needs A LOT of work. One place where the villain worked though, was through the art. I was genuinely impressed by the diverse art though as the villain's methods were very diverse and interesting. The underlying tones of the villain that no one cares about small towns is somewhat true. It's just a bummer that the he isn't that interesting. 

C: 4

Cyborg #22

I feel like DC doesn’t know what to do with Cyborg. In an effort to salvage him, they brought back his creator who doesn’t seem to know how to keep him interesting anymore. But at least this issue didn’t suck as much as the last. There was a story but it very much felt like expository story which is even weirder as there is only 1 issue left due to cancellations. This is the sort of comic I don’t hate but it’s not worth the 3+ dollars it would cost. I’m very confused about what the next issue even looks like and it’s quite possible it just ends with no remotely satisfying ending in a Titans Season 1 way.

C: 3
E: 2
S: 2


DC Nation #0 <```

Green Lanterns #46

Green Lanterns #46 finishes the reveal of why Jessica is so filled with stress in her life. Her story is one of tragedy and horror. Trying to imagine myself in her shoes, is incredibly scary, and the sort of story that she will always remember. The story justifies her PTSD, and I’m glad it all came together. I also loved the art that both captured the Jessica before and after the event

C: 4
E: 5
S: 5


Nightwing #44 (Extended Review)

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