Comic Review - Crush & Lobo

Lobo is the Main Man! The fraggin bastich that ya love to hate and hate to love! Able to go toe-to-toe with some of the toughest superheroes including the Man of Steel. He is the legendary last Czarnian…except that is no longer true. Meet Crush, his daughter who was raised by humans and ended up as a Teen Titan. She still has the attitude and toughness befitting a child of Lobo. But make no mistake, she is a separate beast that deserves your respect. And now, let’s get into the 8-issue limited series that stars these two wild characters.

As mentioned, Crush is a new character introduced in Teen Titans pages during the Rebirth era. It was during this time that she first crossed paths with Lobo. Too bad that first encounter was centered around Lobo trying to take her down along with the rest of the team. He even managed to temporarily brain-control her to do his bidding. It is not an ideal situation. The good thing to come out of this is that it’s clearly defined that Crush is not like Lobo. Sure, she loves to fight and has some bad people skills. But she does care for others and has learned from being on a superhero team. This is why she decides to give him another shot when she gets a message from Lobo in space prison saying he wants to reconnect thanks to mandated therapy.

You know what happens next. Turns out it was a trick for Lobo to escape and now Crush has to bring him back. We get the kind of action and humor one can come to expect from a Lobo book. But with Crush as the protagonist, we do have a few different qualities than a typical Lobo book. The entire mini-series is narrated from Crush’s point of view. In fact, we see Crush break the fourth wall multiple times, even rejecting the book’s attempts to show more flashbacks regarding her relationship with Katie. Oh yea, almost forgot to mention that one other thing Crush has in common with Lobo is that they both like women. But while Lobo is the typical 90s bad boy “doesn’t give a frag” kind of guy, Crush cares about Katie. We see through flashbacks how they met and a few good times. However, we focus more on the tough times and the fights between the two. It becomes clear as we read that Crush seems to be pushing Katie away out of fear of hurting her. Likely because Crush might recognize that she isn’t the right girl for someone like Katie, despite how much she wants things to work out.

The main theme throughout the book is the similarities and differences between parent and child. How much of the parent gets passed down to the child? Is the child doomed to repeat the same mistakes as their parent, no matter what? How does one wish to separate themselves from the other when it’s clear how similar they are?

In this book, we have a good balance between a fun action-adventure story and a character study of Crush. I highly recommend you check this out. And I hope this book makes you a fan of the young half-Czarnian named Crush. She is a fantastic character and I would love to get more of her.


Was great I absolutely recommend this story to any lobo/crush fans


This was a fun seires and made me love Crush. however Lobo seems to have a lot more kids then you would think.

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Yea, but I think there was a one-shot or mini-series where he killed them all pre-Flashpoint

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i was refering to the She guys with a massive resemblence to lobo at that los Vegas planet.

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Look - The Main Man is popular with a lot of people. So there is a chance that maybe there are some people who don’t know who their real father is

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