comic recommendations

I’m new to reading comics could I get some recommendations? I’m open to anything.

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I would pick something on here that has a nice consecutive run so you have time to “get into” the series. Booping around reading one here and one there might not be the best method. You could read along with this weeks Reading Group. I would recommend Birds of Prey (36 book run online ATM…and good stuff). Also Power Girl has a nice 11 book run I enjoyed.

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Check out Geoff Johns run on GL! Start at GL: Rebirth, it’s a great read.

Batgirl Year One

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Booster Gold.
The Power of Shazam!
Beast Boy

-anything by Geoff Johns (in particular his entire Green Lantern run that starts with the Green Lantern: Rebirth miniseries. His run on the New 52 Justice League is great too)

  • the 1980’s Superman relaunch (collected in the Superman: The Man of Steel volumes 1 through 9 trade paperbacks)
    -Batman: Hush
    -the DC Universe Rebirth one-shot
    -New 52 Wonder Woman
    -Dark Nights Metal
    -Crisis on Infinite Earths
    -anything illustrated by Jim Lee

Star with The New Teen Titans (1980). The writing and art are amazing! It’s a true modern classic.