Comic Recommendations? (Any Character)

Hey! I’m a HUGE Batman fan. Ever since I subscribed to this service, I’ve slowly been reading and watching as many Batman comics/movies/TV shows as I could. Since then, I’ve graduated from Dark Knight trilogy fan to an actual Batman nerd. I still have a lot of Batman left to read, but as I’ve started to get more involved in the forums here, I’d love if I could get comic recommendations for specific story arcs/series from other DC characters so that I can have a general understanding of what people are talking about outside of Batman-related posts. However, please no Superman recommendations. We all have THAT one character we don’t like, right?

I would also love recommendations anyone has of hidden gems. Maybe characters or stories that don’t get a lot of attention or popularity but deserve to. Ultimately I want to broaden my knowledge and appreciation of the DC universe as a whole, outside of the Batman universe. Two I have already read are The Flashpoint Paradox and Watchmen.


The long Halloween is a great batman story arc. Allen Moore’s run on swamp thing in the 80s is incredible and Mike Grells longbow Hunter is a great Green arrow story to name a few.


I second @doctor_fate23 Longbow Hunters it is great arc and if you like Batman should be right up your alley.

@PigParty it is great you are expanding your knowledge. Might I also suggest following up on some other Batfam members?

I read the Rebirth Nightwing and it was good, same with Red Hood and you can go back pretty deep on here for some historical background.


I actually prefer dark victory over The Long Halloween.

Also, if you haven’t read The Court of Owls, that is my all time favorite Batman arc, and I highly suggest you read it!

Batgirl New 52 is really good so far. Heroes in crisis Is good too.

For as many comics as they read, I bet @capo-mage has some suggestions to.
(Sorry capo, if you didn’t want to be Summoned)


Actually, that’s all the more reason to make recommendations. You need to find the take on Superman that you actually like! (Much like Batman, he has been so many different things under the pens of so many different writers, so you’re bound to like something.)

Anyway, I just recommended Camelot 3000 in another thread, so I’ll do the same here.

I do, too, but that’s mostly because I’d rather see Jeph Loeb plagiarize himself rather than plagiarize The Godfather. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just created a similar one.

This is an absolute masterpiece. Winner of multiple Eisner Awards & nominated for even more. It’s self contained too, so just jump right in & go. Not a bad issue. Phantom Stranger, her sister Mogaine le Fey etc. basically follows her thru time from the times of King Arthur all the way to modern day. It’s incredible!!! Also, of course I don’t mind @AnonymousHQ. I’m reading All Star Squadron 81’ right now. I just created a thread asking what 1 or 2 comics you would choose, if u could force someone to read it. That’s onsite & seems like it’s not talked much about. This was 1 of my 2. Cant hype it up enough.


Also I put a Deadman master reading order on here, that I loved. I put it on way b4 the edit button etc. so “if” u decide to read it. Make sure u go to the one, hold up. I’ll just tag u from it. It’s a really good read.


Loeb & Sales Challengers of the Unknown run is really good too. Challengers of the Unknown 1991.


For Batman, I’d recommend Snyder’s run on Batman and Tynion’s run on Detective Comics. Batman: Hush is also awesome, plus there’s a great fight between Batman and Superman. I’d also highly recommend Joshua Williamson’s run on Flash. It’s one of my all time favorite Flash runs. Grayson is great of you’re a Nightwing fan, but I’d start with the Rebirth run if you’re new to Nightwing. I’ve also heard good things about Chuck Dixon’s Nightwing run, but I’ve never read it.


I second this recommendation, Chuck Dixon’s run is incredible.


Get ready, I’m about to go full nerd (Deep Inhale)

OK, first of all, Welcome to the forms. Second, Here is a complete list of Batman stories that you should read in a somewhat cohessive story up to the earily 2000’s. Third, Here are some of the best DC stories that I can think of right now after writing this for over a hour. Take your time with this list, and remember, “It’s better to be whelmed by good stuff to read, then bad stuff”.

(Note: I would recommend starting with the Batman Stuff and Swamp Thing by Len Wein followed by Moore)

Batman Year One
Legends of the Dark Knight #1-20
The Long Halloween
Dark Victory
Robin Year One
Batgirl Year One
Batman #217
Batman 232-244
Batman #251
Detective Comics #400
Batman Strange Apperations #469-479
Batman #348
Batman #451
Detecive Comics #500
Batman Second Chances
Batman The Cult
Arkham Asylum A Serious House on Serious Earth
Ten Nights of the Beast
The Killing Joke
Death in the Family
Batman #430
The Mud Pack
A Lonely Place of Dying
Batman #448-458
Detective Comics #418-41
Batman #647-649
Robin II
Robin III
Swaord of Azrael
Vengence of Bane #1
Vengence of Bane #2
Grant Morrison Batman (Can get confusing, only after you know your Batman history)

Batman by Scott Snyder
Black Mirror
Scott Snyder Batman

Others of Note
Swamp Thing by Len Wein
Swamp Thing by Alan Moore
Black Orchid
Mister Miracle by Tom King
Animal man by Grant Morrison
Doom Patrol by Grant Morrison-start at #19
Green Arrow The Longbow Hnters
Green Arrow by Mike Grell
GL/GA hard Travelin heroes
Wonder Woman by George Perz
Wonder Woman New 52
Batwoman New 52
Zatanna by Paul Dini
Batgirl New 52
Crisis on Infinate Earth’s
Suicide Squad
Aquaman by Geoff Johns
New Teen Titans
Green Lantern #48-50
Green Lantern Rebirth
Green Lantern by Geoff Johns
Nightwing by Chuck Dixon


Infinity Inc 84’ start by reading the Generations Saga All Star Squadron #25-#26, All Star Squadron Annual #2, than Infinity Inc #1-#4. (1984). Than straight to Infinity Inc. starting at #5 & the issues will tell u where to go.
Green Arrow & Black Canary start with the Wedding Album.
Black Diamond crossover: Demon Knights #13-#15, All Star Western #13-16, Team 7 #1-#4, Catwoman #15-#16, Sword of Sorcery #6-#8. Done.
Red Robin 7 days of Death: Red Robin (2009) #18-#21 skip 22 than #23-#26, finale in Teen Titans #20.
Animal Man the Hunt (2012) #1-#6.
Green Lantern Godhead (just google the order, all tie-ins are onsite).
The Flash rebirth (arc not the series) (2009) #1-#6.
Suicide Squad The Janus Contract (google order again all tie-ins are on here)
Nightwing The New Order (mini-series)
The Power of Shazam.
Birds of Prey 99’ all.
LOSH all.
Secret Six all.
The Flash (1987):Chained Lightning - #108-110, Impulse (95’) #11, finale The Flash (87) #111.
The Silencer.
Geoff Johns’ Flash run (1987) #164-#225 its epic.
The Flash 87’ Terminal Velocity #95-#100.
The Legend of Wonder Woman (2015).
JL the Darkseid War.
Forever Evil: Blight.
Aquaman Drowned Earth (2018): JL #10, Aquaman #41,(2016) Titans #28,(2016), JL/Aquaman Drowned Earth #1, JL #11, (2018), Aquaman #42 (2016), JL #12,(2018) , Aquaman/JL Drowned Earth #1.
Tried to stay away from Bats & Supes as much as possible. Plenty more (notebooks full) lmk if/when u want more.
Also would add Wolfman/Pere’z WW & Teen Titans runs.
All of Ravens solo titles on here.
Red Hood & the Outlaws.
Blue Beetle Rebirth.
Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol run.


You’ve gotten a lot of suggestions already, but I will add a few things I’ve read recently:

52, the focus is not on the A-list heroes but on some that don’t get the same level of recognition
Wonder Woman Year One, going back to her beginning I thought the story and artwork were both perfect
Harley Quinn and Power Girl Miniseries, I found it to be a funny and entertaining story and it’s not a big time investment


One of my personal favorite Batman stories is Grant Morrison’s run. It introduces several new elements to the Batman mythos, from Damian Wayne to The Devil himself. Plus, there are ninja Man-Bats. Who doesn’t like ninja Man-Bats?

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Thanks for all the recommendations everyone! I’ve got the next 2 days off work so I’m going to try to binge read a bunch of these (or at leas the start of some of these series).

I mean if you have a recommendation I will take it. I have nothing against Superman when he’s involved in stories with other DC characters, but I’ve never been interested in him by himself in his own solo story. If you can change my perspective with a good story, then I’ll give you props.

I haven’t read much yet, but I already have a lot of batfamily members’ series saved to my reading list. Nightwing and Red Hood are definitely my favorite two.

Yes, the New 52 run was the very first series I read and the entire run was amazing, with my favorites being the Court of Owls and the Joker arcs.

I also loved the Long Halloween. I love when stories change things up and take risks.


I’ll give you a handful of stories that are quite unalike from each other:

  1. Action Comics 8 & 9 (1939)

This early two-parter shows off the original incarnation of Superman: a populist vigilante.

  1. Action Comics 0 (2012)

Grant Morrison’s take on Superman is relatively down-to-Earth for the Man of Steel.

  1. Superman 1 & 2 (1987)

John Byrne “Marvel-ized” Supes in the '80s (when that meant something different than it does now).

  1. Action Comics 252

I had to throw at least one silly Silver Age story in here! The debut of Supergirl and Metallo.

  1. Action Comics 866-870 (2008)

The Geoff Johns run of the late '00s was beloved, no more so than this five-parter.

  1. Superman Annual 11 (1985)

It’s from the author of Watchmen. What Moore could you want?

  1. Action Comics 775 (2001)

Joe Kelly challenges the idea that Superman is irrelevant and outdated.

  1. Action Comics Annual 2 (1989)

Superman. As an intergalactic gladiator. With a beard.

Well, there you go. Eight Superman stories that are wildly different.


I’m gonna go more towards the ongoing series route and say Far Sector and DCeased! Both are really good reads with really captivating stories, imo. (DCeased is only 6 issues long with two side-stories: A Good Day to Die (1 issue) and The Unkillables (currently ongoing with two issues out, and the next one coming out on the 15th)—both also really good!).

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Gotham City Garage is a really great self-contained elseworld’s story in a post-apocalyptic DC Universe where Superman is unheard of. It’s about two trades long.


I noticed you said you’re a big fan of Nightwing and Red Hood, someone said Nightwing rebirth I totally agree up to about issue 50 (we all know what happens after that).
As for Red hood, if you haven’t read Red Hood: The Lost Days I highly recommend that along with under the red hood (I assume you’ve seen the movie its better than the book Imo but the book is still a must read). Also Red Hood: Outlaw is incredible as well.
if you’re a fan of the occult side of DC, Garth Ennis’s John Constantine: Hellblazer is a great read as well.


Love a classic JLA/JSA team up starting in issue 183 to185. as they team up with an assist from the New Gods to go against Darkseid. Also the JLA/JSA team up against the secret Society of Super Villains195-197 With issue 195 having one of the best covers ever.