comic library

I feel like DC needs to step up and organize their comic library better… The way marvels is set up is 100 percent better and easier to locate what u wanna read… Idk does anyone agree?


I just wish they would communicate with the consumer base more. Everything seems to be a secret. For example “more comics coming in October”. That’s great when? What will the packages look like? Will it be a complete digital collection?


They are already taking comics off the list here. I wanted to read the Death Of Superman, but it was only available for 10 days. I emailed them, and they told me they were taken off because the full library of DC comics will be available to purchase soon. I’m not paying extra for comics on a streaming app I’m already paying monthly for.


Death of Superman was actually on here for several weeks.

For me, it’s saved me money on comixology. Instead of paying $11.99 for a whole volumes, I now only have to pay for 3-4 individual issues. This has helped when money got tight and I still wanted to read comics.

The point is that there is so much stuff to read on here. Putting a comic up for several weeks isn’t enough time for people to read things.