Comic Library Improvements

I love the service so far- but I hate how often they remove titles, especially of the NTT series. I wish they would have the entire series up for everyone to read. Each issue is already pretty long (which is great) but I hate feeling rushed to get up to a certain issue before it’ll be removed. Keeping full series up will keep fans happy, allow more people to read them, and interest more people in the streaming service. The comic library is already pretty limited- having a few full series up permanently would be great.


Gotta say that I agree. I think a persistent library is the best way to go for long-term subscription retention.

Not only do you get people’s money, you also allow them the time to become invested in other characters and titles that could lead to potential floppy sales down the line.

As an added side-effect I also think it would positively effect a decrease in piracy.


Truly agree with this besides Titans there’s nothing to do I’m on here once a week wat em I even paying for

I understand the rotating comics but why cant we have like 100 comics that get put on a month then removed 3 months later. Plenty of time to read them. Even time to dig in on the other 2500 listed. This 2 week rotation feels like I joined a library that charges, tells you what you can borrow, then doesn’t allow you to renew.

Thank you so much for your feedback, @BatgirI! Sharing your feedback with the team. Please do share more ideas/suggestions if you have any you’d like made aware of.