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What comic should I read for Batman and all Robins in it ; except Eternal

There’s the Robin War crossover from 2015. That features:

-Robin War #'s 1 and 2
-Robin: Son of Batman #7
-Grayson #15
-Detective Comics (New 52 series) #47
-We Are Robin #7
-Gotham Academy #13
-Red Hood/Arsenal #7
-Teen Titans #15

From all of that, you can find Robin: Son of Batman #7 and Grayson #15 on DCU right now.


Batman: Battle for the Cowl is another good read with Batman and various holders of the Robin mantle.


The rebirth Detective Comics is the “Bat Family” book and sounds what you may be wanting. I would also recommend the Death of the family arc of the New 52 Batman run!

New 52: Batman and Robin, Nightwing #1, Grant Morrison’s run on Batman Incorporated, Batman #1-2, Night of Owls

Lots of good material on the boy wonder there

Knightfall, Killing Joke, The Arkham series, White Knight

All essential Batman reads