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Best website with accurate information on every dc comic release

Punctuation and a few extra words would go a long way to clarifying your intent with this thread.

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Perhaps you want this site:

Another option is


.50710 is right for past release dates, but if you meant upcoming release dates; check the catalog section of

For upcoming DC releases, both and have search functions.

From the main DC site:

Click on “This Week”, “Next Week”, etc to view upcoming print and digital releases. You can also select/enter dates in the calendar there.

From (for digital releases):

You can never go wrong with Mike’s Amazing World of Comics:

If you go to the “Newstand” option, you can put in your publisher, the month and the year. What’s good about this site is you get the “On Sale” date and the “Cover” date

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Check DC Database. They have the cover date listed for most issues, and pages for each month where you can see all the issues that came out then (e.g. the page “1990, January” has every issue cover dated Jan '90).

If you mean specific days or weeks within each month, I’m not sure about that.

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