Comic Con Sweepstakes

Comic Con Sweepstakes

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I Subscribed to dcuniverse trying to join the comic con sweepstakes. I’ve read the official rule page several times. There isn’t a link to join the sweepstakes. How can I start this process?

Subscribers were automatically entered, but the deadline has passed

My bad the deadline is on the 8th

Hey, @VMC, thank you for reaching out! An e-mail was sent early in June to all annual members inquiring about their SDCC attendance. If members replied they would be attending SDCC, they were put on a list to be offered a chance to attend our member events.

So! If you are 1) An annual member that 2) signed up for e-mail notifications and 3) confirmed via survey you are attending SDCC, you received an opportunity to RSVP.

Hope this clears things up! If you did not get a chance to RSVP but are still interested in monthly membership opportunities, make sure to visit our Warner Bros. booth- we have lots of fun stuff going on every day!”

Please check out our full article detailing our presence at Comic-Con via the News article on our site, or follow the link here (if clickable for you):

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I have never gone to SDCC but have been a member of DCU since before the launch. Does that mean I can not win this sweepstakes?

I completed the survey and submitted that I go to NYCC every year. It’s just too expensive to travel across country. Dream I’ll be able to go to SDCC one day :slight_smile:


Hey, @YveAstra! I am sorry for any confusion that my previous reply had caused. I checked up on your question just to be sure that I’m giving the most accurate information possible, and wanted to assure you that you do still have a chance to win. We’ll be selecting winners late next week, so please keep an eye on your inbox.

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