Comic Con & DC Universe?

We watched Comic con at home. And we were surprised that there was no mention of DC Universe. Did we miss something? Does anyone know why? Or what’s going on with DC Universe?

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They may be saving it for their own comic con with DC Fandome


Didn’t know Comic Con at Home was a thing. A lot of stuff to watch for me…

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Really? There is lots of DC content that is relevant. :woman_shrugging:t4:

@jimlee was introducing the DC panels. He promoted many things but never mentioned DC Universe. Everyone in my house was scratching their heads and wondering what was going on. Did anyone watch Comic Con at home this weekend? My house is the only ones? Whaaaaa? Come on DC fans. Didn’t you tune in and watch the panels?

They saving it for there event in August which looks like they going to be Turning this service to comics only

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I think many of us are waiting to see what’s officially said rather than following rumor


I hope that is not true. Dc Universe has been wonderful for the last two years. My house has it on every day. It already feels empty without DC Daily. Without the shows and the news and the events it is going to feel abandoned.

I’m pretty sure all will be revealed at DC Fandome. :grin: