Comic “Collections”

Is there a way to save or review these comic collections that are posted? 100+ issue crossovers are awesome, and I like that they’re collected in one place right now, but I know each time that it’s going to go away in like a week. I don’t have time to read all of that right now, and I know in the future it will be a chore to bounce around from series to series and figure out what’s next.

I guess what I’m asking for is a “playlist” for these event arcs like No Man’s Land and Death/Reign/Return of Superman so that I can seamlessly move to the next issue without consulting a separate reading list somewhere else and then hunting for that particular issue of that particular title on the app.


This is something they really need to fix but for now you can create lists of your own. Just be aware they aren’t something you can organize easily. The list will appear with the last book you added first so you’ll need to start at the end of a storyline and work back to the beginning.

They won’t go away in like a week. DCU said for the immediate future nothing is going down and they will give at least 2 weeks warning if something does.

Although playlist for that kind of thing I 100% agree would be a nice addition they should do.


The problem isn’t that the books themselves go away but that the convenient link to the storyline with all the issues in order disappears.

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