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Always collected graphic novels and I have a good collection of those but I’m now getting into collecting paperbacks. I’ve ordered some of DCS latest comics from the last two weeks and some older titles .also ordered a short box for my growing collection . Any tips on collecting would be much appreciated

First some writers are better in trade six issues Graphic Novels than single issues. I think Tom King is frustrating in single issue format, because many issues seem filler material. His Mister Miracle is a great Graphic Novel, but would have been infuriating to read it one issue at a timr, in a year.

These comics are ofted reviewed with the term ‘slow burns.’ Brian Bendis may be like that.

Comic Book Roundup gives ratings of the most popular comics of the week. It shows summaries of each review, which can be clicked on for detailed information. They may contain spoilers.

Once you know the titles you might be interested in, click on series link to see how the title was reviewed in previous issues.

You can also use Google by typing Comic Book Roundup Title of Comic Book.

When I was getting physical copies, a hot issue might be sold out, unless you included it in your pull list. Talk to your local comic book store on how to do this. You may get a discount too.

Comic books are very expensive, try to know whether new writer or author or title is in the midst of a multi issue arc, with crossovers to other titles.

Right now, Red Hood, Nightwing, and Aquaman are in arcs that will revert to status quo. Green lantern is a mini series by Grant Morrision.

If the writer is in our library, read his work here too see if you like him or her. Geoff Johns, Jeff Lemire and James Tynion IV are good, consistent writers.

If unfamiliar with a character, read about them in our library.

Don’t try to collect everything. Unpopular titles are often sold out and not high in qualtity. It may be hard to get each issues. Crossovers are often not worth it.

If the title has not many issues yet, buy a trade Graphic Novel or two for the title to get up to where they are, buy the title, but don’t read it until you are up to date with the trades. You probably want to start on a new arc.

I like The Terrifics, but writer is changing soon, Detective, but Tomasi was a recent disappointment, Justice League Dark, Batgirl, Supergirl, Shazam. Freedom Fighters. Many like Martian Manhunter but I don’t like the art much. New writer on Wonder Woman is not yet at her best. I think Bendis ruined Action and Superman. Justice League has great characters but it is not clear what is going on.

Many titles may be waiting for Doomsday Clock to finish and may be writing filler issues until them.

About Bendis, I tried reading his new version of the Man of Steel mini-series, but I did not make it past part 1. I bought the second part as well, but I still have not read it.

But it was not just Bendis, I sampled a Superman #1000, and a Superman special, but found little of interest in either of those comics as well.

Everything (or about 99% of what I read) just fell flat with me. I liked the return of the Silver Age Superman costume, and the art ranged from okay to excellent, but for the life of me, I just could not enjoy most of the stories I read in these books.

I have been a Superman fan since the early 1970s, even through the changes of the mid-1980s through to about the early-to-mid 00s. But now, these new stories just do not resonate with me at all.

Now to respond to the thread topic.

The box is a good start, but be sure to get comic bags and backing boards. Those backing boards will help prevent warping of the comics’ binds. Also they to keep the comics from being too loose so that they can lean forward or backward in the box. Use whatever you can find that fits as fillers to remove the extra space, but make sure whatever you use as fillers does not damage the books. Also try to keep your comics stored in an area that does not get too humid or too dry. If you can keep the storage area from getting too hot, or too cold, that is good too.


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