comic books on dcu

Are comics being cycled or is the amount only growing?

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They haven’t taken or added anything since Halloween.


Alright well that’s semi good. I hope they dont cycle them. Once they are added they should be permanent

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I would really, really love for the DC Universe to be like Marvel Unlimited and give us a full 20k catalog of comics. That would really send this app over the edge.


My main reason for subscribing was the comics, they seriously need to up their catalog. I don’t expect them to get to Marvel Unlimited numbers yet, they weren’t that big when they started, but I do think they could and should be updating their library regularly like Marvel. If they are just going to put books on for a limited amount of time and snatch it, It defeats the point of subscribing every month.


They pulled Long Halloween. They’re definitely still pulling comics…I’m not sure why…

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What I find sad is it’s taking them 3 months of “we’ve heard the complaints about the comics section and something is coming” and nothing has been done.

If they had just picked a dozen or so issues to release every week, they’d have put less than 100 of the thousands of issues up on the service but people would be so much happier.

From what I can tell they have a problem with expectations, with community management, and seemingly some sort of technical issue where they can’t keep adding comics to a growing online library.

So they’ve given up…at least for 3 months.

I’d love to go back and finish my reading of Batman: The Long Halloween or The Death of Superman, but just like this PAID service, I’ve given up except for checking in maybe once a week now to see if anything has changed.


Heya, guys!
The Last Halloween was the last comic to be pulled. As we work to reconstruct the way we will manage the DCU digital comic library, we will no longer be rotating comics out.


KittyKrawler, do you mean that you won’t rotate any out until you unveil the new model for comics, or has DC decided not to remove comics any longer even after the new model is in place?


@Heartshadow It is the new model that is under discussion currently. As soon as we hear any details about what is underway/settled on, you guys will be the first to know!


I think one issue I have was on the 11/07 update on comics it was stated that how the comic section would be changed. This got me excited that things might improve.
Since that date there has been no news and no new information.

I know you can’t prematurely announce things but that has left me in a waiting pattern. Between that and the announcing the removal of movies the week before they will be removed I have a hard time believing that communication will be improved in the future.

I know I’m complaining but it is because I actually want DCUniverse to survive and be a great service but right now it is lacking in several departments but mainly in communication.

I do hope when this new revised library is released that somebody takes a look at some of the problems with the comic reader.

I was trying to read comics tonight on my PC and I kept getting some problems, and I’ve also had them with the Roku with the reader… so anyway just FYI overall really cool with the auto-play but almost every comic, about halfway through, it kind of stalls you either going back several panels or suddenly showing a full page instead of a panel and then I have to kind of start it up again.


Yeah, same problem here, on Mac, with Firefox. Every so often it seems to crash out, but recently has at least been reloading a panel back, unlike before where I had to reload the tab.

Regarding the platform, I’d be happy with less series, but complete run or at least complete storylines including crossovers. Birds of Prey has 36 issues up but is missing the two Nightwing crossover issues for “The Hunt for Oracle”. That makes progressing any further in the series somewhat pointless, and that is sad as I was enjoying it to that point.

Likewise, there is absolutely no point to putting up the first issue of this or that series, and no more. Might as well not bother putting it up at all. Al least carry the first storyline to resolution.


I thought it was internet problems. I am glad to know that I am not the only one needing to reload the comic viewer to continue reading.

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