Comic Book Roundups' Top DC Titles has been collecting and aggregating comic reviews over the past 20 years to determine the average critical rating of every issue and series to hit the market. Out of 1,415 titles from DC alone, only 13 have achieved an aggregate score of 9.1 or higher, with a minimum of 15 reviews. Here’s the list, with links to the DCU library where available. For those unavailable… TPTB, please take note.

Batman Adventures (2003) [9.2]
Batman: Creature of the Night [9.2]
Batman: Last Knight on Earth [9.2]
DC: The New Frontier [9.1]
Formerly Known as the Justice League [9.3]
John Constantine: The Hellblazer (2019) [9.1]
Mister Miracle [9.2]
The Multiversity Guidebook [9.1]
The Multiversity: Pax Americana [9.3]
The Multiversity: Ultra Comics [9.0]
The Sheriff of Babylon [9.1]
Superman Smashes the Klan [9.3]
Swamp Thing Winter Special [9.2]