Comic book questions

I subscribed to DC Universe mainly for the original shows ( Titans, Doom Patrol, etc ). I have not seriously read comics since the late 80’s. Now with DC putting newer comics on here, I want to start reading them again but I am a bit confused about a couple things I am hoping someone can clear up

  • Is everything relevant to the DC Universe have the banner " DC Universe " on the upper left part of the front cover ?

  • If so, where to titles like Bombshells, Injustice, and Suicide Squad Hell to Pay fit in ?

  • Is the Young Animal line part of the DC Universe ?

  • It looks like No Justice should be part of the DCU, but does not have the DCU banner ?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can clear these up for me. I really am enjoying reading comics again


Hey @Bullcan! Glad to hear you’re getting back into comics! Just wanted to let you know, it looks like this thread accidentally posted twice, so I’m gonna remove the other one!


-Do you mean the fictional continuity of the DCU, or the streaming service? If the former, no. A majority of what’s on here is relevant to at least some extent, banner or no banner, but there are a few alternate continuity things like the ones you mentioned. If you mean the latter, the only original comic content for this platform (as far as I know) is one of the Young Justice miniseries. Everything else is pre-existing stuff DC has published independently of the service.

-I don’t believe we have any Young Animal titles on here at the moment, but I could be wrong about that.

If you’re asking what’s currently “canon,” then it’s easiest to go by publication date. Nothing from before the last “hard” reboot (2011) is in-continuity unless it’s explicitly stated to be (mainly some Batman and Green Lantern-related history), while anything from between then and the last “soft” reboot (2016) is in-continuity unless it’s explicitly stated not to be. There are some alternate universe or “elsworld” stories like Injustice, but those are a small percentage of what’s available and are usually pretty easy to spot.


Yes. I do mean the fictional continuity of the DCU.


Young Animal YES, it ties in into DC with Milk Wars. However, it is not all that important to rebirth.

Injustice 2 No, but its awesome. It’s a video game tie in.

SUicide Squad: Hell to Pay is a tie in to the animated movie.

Justice: No Justice is the start of DC’s Summer of Events and the New Era of DC Comics.

Bombshells is an Elseworld like title.

My advice is if it is in my Rebirth Reading Order (DCU Specific) it is there.

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What characters do you think you might want to follow? Tell us that and we can suggest good starting points for you. I assume you want to stick with current continuity?

Yes, pretty much current continuity. I am starting to get a feel of what’s what.