Comic Book Print to Digital Request Thread

Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search for Swamp Thing #'s 1-3 (the whole mini) would be an ideal tie-in for the upcoming show that features a certain “muck encrusted mockery of a man!”.


Also, the six issue Artemis: Requiem mini-series please.

It’d make for a nice tie-in to both Wonder Woman: Bloodlines when it debuts here and Wonder Woman 1984 as well =)


Green Lantern Corps Quarterly




This is probably a pipe dream, as it was a licensed property, but I would love to revisit the comics based on the 80s cartoon, M.A.S.K. I know DC put out a 4-issue mini, and then a 2nd volume that was 9 issues, or something. I was crazy about it. If that found it’s way here, there would be happy dancing in my future.


That would be neat to see the DC M.A.S.K. books here.

M.A.S.K. was a Kenner property, which means it’s a Hasbro property and last I knew M.A.S.K. was under IDW’s umbrella (they also have the Star Trek comic license) so that may prevent DC from re-releasing their M.A.S.K. material.

I wasn’t aware of a second M.A.S.K. series, just the first one. Thanks for the info.


Ambush Bug and Son of Ambush Bug. What are you trying to hide!


YEAH! WHAT BIFF TYPED! Actions, ramifications,and consequences shall ensue if these non sensical funnybooks remain locked away! ARG- HYL IS, turkeys!


Jack Kirby’s Fourth World by John Byrne. The New Gods series is on here as well as the Orion series and the Genesis event, just missing that one series to complete those stories.



I feel ya on MASK.

I’ve been waiting forever for Atari Force to get collected. Or re-released digitally.

When Dynamite made a deal with Atari, one of the things they would often mention was that they would be bringing out a trade for Atari Force.
Atari wanted to first do all new original comics and they sold poorly.
And then because of the poor sales of those two titles, we never saw the Atari Force TPB.

Micronauts and ROM, from Marvel, have been in similar states for years. Likely never to be collected or re-released digitally due to multiple parties being involved.


@m.turnage YES! Jack Kirby’s Fourth World by Byrne absolutely deserves the digital treatment! I’m all for that!

@LeonardoMyst That’s a bummer about Atari Force, which is decent from what I’ve read. I think Dynamite should have started with a trade release of the DC series and then segued into new material. Or release the first trade on the same day as the first ish of a new mag. Sounds like thst was a missed tie-in opportunity.

@mods I’d like to request the Pinky and The Brain ongoing series, if you’d be so kind as to pass that onto DC proper, you wonderful folks you :slight_smile:


Ambush Bug
Son of Ambush Bug
The Ambush Bug specials from that time.

The remaining issues of the original Justice League of America series not digitized. Especially 112 (the one 100 page issue not digitized) 159,160 (I believe the only JLA/.JSA crossover of the original Justice League run not digitized), and 167, 168 which featured a Justice League story heavily refferenced in Identity Crisis. They have added the 2 missing annuals but don’t know if that means they will continue digitizing missing JLA issues, or they just wanted to get the annuals on.

The Demon 1993 (which they only have issue 0 and Annual #2 the first appearance of The Hitman), one of my favorite comics back in the day and it saddens me it is all but non-existant in the archive, at least as single issues.

Adventure Comics 479-490 because I love that usually overlooked era of Dial ‘H’ for Hero. Also New Adventures of Superboy 44-50 which had Dial H For Hero backups because… like before… loved that era of Dial H For Hero.

Gunfire which I can’t imagine many others want and will likely not ever get added… but I liked the book when I come out. Nostalgia makes me hope for the impossible.

The Karate Kid series which is an overlooked gem of the Bronze Age

The Rest of Captain Carrot

Superman: The Secret Years

The missing issues of Batman Family

Superman Family (I don’t know what baffles me more, that they only have one issue digitized… or what that issue did to be so special?)

and any issues of Superman and Action comics not mentioned already… although would love the rest of the Triangle Issues to be added.


DC Special Series (1977) #10
More Fun Comics #56
1st Issue Special (1975) #9
Flash (1959) #289-299, 301-313


You know bringing up 1st Issue Special it is surprising none of those are digitized.

I mean yeah only two series actually were born out of 1st issue special. And not like anyone really is itching to read the issues with Lady Cop, Dingbats, The Green Team, Code Name: Assasin, or one of the 50 bazillion Starman.

But it also was where The New Gods revival began Warlord’s first appearance, featured a Kirby written and drawn Manhunter story, and solo stories featuring Dr. Fate, The Creeper and Metamorpho. Think at least those issues should be digitized. Especially the Warlord and New Gods issues.


Given The Green Team originated in that title, you’d have thought their first appearance would’ve been digitized when their New 52 title debuted.


Everything from Image/Wildstorm from the 1990s. The rest of WildCATS and Stormwatch. Union. Savage Dragon. Cyberforce. Wetworms. Gen13. I’m sure DC doesn’t have the rights to all of it but I’ll take what I can get.


DC doesn’t have the rights to Savage Dragon for sure, it never crossed over into Wildstorm.


I would really like to see the Shazam series from 1973 on here.


Silver Age Secret Files (2000) #1
Silver Age (2000) #1
Silver Age Justice League of America (2000) #1
Silver Age Challengers of the Unknown (2000) #1
Silver Age Teen Titans (2000) #1
Silver Age Dial “H” For Hero (2000) #1
Silver Age Doom Patrol (2000) #1
Silver Age Flash (2000) #1
Silver Age Brave and the Bold (2000) #1
Silver Age Green Lantern (2000) #1
Silver Age 80-Page Giant (2000) #1


Would like them to fill in the gaps in Justice League/JLI/JLA from the 1987 series.

I know the reason 93 on up are not on here, and to be frank that run sucked anyway and this is coming from a huge Justice League fan, so no great loss with those.

But they are also missing 33-36, 41, 42, 79-85

I will admit 79-85 was a bit lackluster but the rest are amazing Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatties goodness and I hope they digitize them soon.