Comic Book Print to Digital Request Thread

Idek. Nobody seems to know what classifies as “for kids”

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It’s July 11, 2024 and I can tell you this hasn’t been added yet. I’m compiling a reading list for all Infinite Crisis titles and Infinite Crisis: Secret Files #1 2006 is not available including the following:

Adventures of Superman #646 : htt ps://w w w.d c. com/comics/adventures-of-superman-1994/adventures-of-superman-646

Adventures of Superman #647 : htt ps://w w w.d c…com/comics/adventures-of-superman-1994/adventures-of-superman-647

Adventures of Superman #648 : htt ps://w w w.d c…com/comics/adventures-of-superman-1994/adventures-of-superman-648

Teen Titans (Vol. 3) Annual : htt ps://w w w.d c…com/comics/teen-titans-2003/teen-titans-annual-1

Adventures of Superman #649 : htt ps://w w w.d c…com/comics/adventures-of-superman-1994/adventures-of-superman-649

Infinite Crisis Secret Files and Origins : htt ps://w w w.d c…com/comics/infinite-crisis-2005/infinite-crisis-secret-files-2006-1

Crisis Aftermath: The Spectre : htt ps://w w w.d c…com/graphic-novels/infinite-crisis-aftermath-the-spectre-2006/infinite-crisis-aftermath-the-spectre

I’d like to report these as requests to bring from print to digital. As an aside, I wish it was easier to post URLs or at least those that link directly to the DC website. I’ve included broken URLs above that link back to the exact issue or series missing from DCUI.

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