comic book ordering.

I wish dcu had an option of filtering your favorited books in the order in which they were released (on the market). But since they don’t, does anyone have any good suggestions for how they personally organize all of their books?

The physical copies we own?

No sorry I wasn’t clear. I meant the ones on the dcu app that you add to your favorite collection.

All the lists I make on here one of two things:

1.)Based entirely on reading order

2.)Completely unorganized messes of stuff I want to eventually get to or am interested in for some reason

I really hope the list sharing feature goes live soon so that a lot of these things can be crowd sourced or some of our community members who seem to be great at organizing can release their own list.

Thank you to those of you making these incredibly detailed and I assume time consuming posts by the way.

Flashlegacy, that would be amazing!

Squid - that’s about how mine look. It’s difficult when I’m trying to follow a big event in order. I can work it out, but it’s a time consuming affair.

Still, the release of so many books is new to the app, so I’m sure they’ll work out the kinks and get better organizing tools soon.

Aren’t lists supposed to become shareable with the Community 2.0 update? Or is it releasing later?