Comic Book Downloads… Don’t

I travel constantly and I try to use DC Infinite with my iPad (an 8th Generation iPad running iOS 15). I “download” comics to read on airplanes or in hotels but almost every time I try to open a “download” I get a notice the license has expired and I need to connect to the Internet to renew it. Well, if I was going to be on the Internet I wouldn’t have downloaded the comics in the first place! Between this annoyance and the difficulties creating a pull list to monitor my titles or getting timely, useful updates about what is coming out (seriously, how about a weekly release email? I need a Comic Shop News, DC Digital edition!) I am finding Infinite more frustrating than entertaining since the video content split off to HBO Max.

Hi there @mjlauck, we appreciate your feedback. I’ll be making note of it to pass along, so thanks again for taking the time to write in with your input!

For the “expired license” part – is it a message of your actual DCUI subscription expiring? There’s a lot of content that isn’t viewable without an active subscription, even when it’s downloaded, so it’s important to make sure yours is active before traveling if you aren’t able to renew it via WiFi.

As for info on releases, we do have weekly/monthly threads in the Watchtower category to let you know what’s new, what’s coming, and dates for those releases on the app!

It says the license for the title is expired. I am on an annual plan and have until January on the current annual period.

And logging in to see what is coming is still kind of a pain… why not an email I can sign up for? y