Comic bags and boards questions

I was wondering where my fellow collectors buy there bags and boards? What size do you use? What brand? I bought some BCW Regular size bags at my local shop but the only boards they had where Golden Age. I just bought some BCW Current Thick bags on Amazon because I need them for my 100 page Giants and before I buy boards from Amazon I was hoping that somebody might be to point me in a better direction. HOW’s site has boards cheaper than anyone else but there shipping is way more than I want to pay. Thanks for any help.

I don’t buy them anymore, but my LCS just sells them over the counter.

WAY back in the day, I used to bag and board. But my collection was starting to take up an embarrassing amount of room. I threw away all the boards and bags, and I had a ton more room. That was about 25 years ago.

Today, my comics are still in great shape. I question the value of boards and bags…

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