Come On DCD, Where Are the Superman Animated Series Figures?

I’m so bored in quarantine so I am taking up valuable internet space with lists.
I’ve been rewatching STAS and even though I’d seen it before I never realized how many options there are for figures. It was said at Toy Fair that DCD is working on some prototypes but who knows how pandemic delays will impact such things.
They would most likely reissue, but we have Superman, Lois, Supergirl and Livewire already. I don’t think all of these are justified but they could be options in the long term. STAS has so many more civilians than BTAS that don’t really scream for an action figure. I haven’t finished all episodes so there are probably even more.
Some I want more than others, especially the JL allies and Fourth World.
Clark Kent, Ma, Pa, Jor-El, Lara-El, Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, Emil Hamilton, Lana Lang, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Dr Fate, Steel, Dan Turpin, Maggie Sawyer, Orion, Angela Chen, Legion characters, Ron Troupe (?), young Clark, baby Clark (:grin:)
Lx Luthor, Mercy, Parasite, Metallo, Brainiac, Toyman, Lobo, Sinestro, Weather Wizard, Mxy (and throw in the Bat-Mite from BTAS), Jaxur, Mala (no clue the spelling of those two), Darkseid, Kalibak, Granny Goodness, Desaad, Furies, Steppenwolf, Kanto, Luminaire, Volcana, Parademon, Mannheim
Costume Variants
Brave New Metropolis, Apokolips costume, space suit, kryptonite suit, Superman body type in batsuit (Knight Time episode)
I don’t care much about vehicles and play sets but his ship would be cool if it came with Jor-El.

With all of these options, many of them popular, I can’t believe DCD never made the line. Who did I miss?

I have whole other lists for more Batman and The Adventures Continue, and JLU kind of speaks for itself. I wish DCD would alternate or mix waves. Batman, Superman, Batman Beyond, JLU, Adventures Continue.


No argument here, as a DC Direct STAS line is long overdue.

2021 is the show’s 25th anniversary, so I’m hoping they’ve got something in development to commemorate that.


While we’re asking for things- I’ve wanted the entire Superman: the Animated Series on Blue ray for forever now.


Not just Superman the Animated Series either! I want DC Direct to get back in the game full-time!
Bring back some of the lines that were abandoned or cancelled before they were finished

Justice League International (based on the art of Kevin Maguire.
Wave Three was supposed to be Doctor Fate, Guy Gardner, Shazam (Captain Marvel) and I think Rocket Red
Wave Four could have Been Maxwell Lord, Captain Atom, Big Barda, Doctor Light II, and Maybe the Creeper
Wave Five could be Wandjina, Blue Jay and Silver Sorceress and Maybe Oberon

There are still a few I want from the Capullo Designer Series.

I’m hopeful an HD remaster will come sometime next year as a 25th anniversary commemorative item. The timing would be perfect!

slides a note politely requesting the HD remaster under the door of Warner Home Entertainment’s offices


Honestly, let’s get Static Shock in on this, too. I know it might not be the easiest with the Milestone of it all, but Static’s never had a toy line before and is absolutely worth the effort.

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This :point_up_2:

They used to make such great figures, with sculpts and paint apps that look like they popped right off the page.

Their focus seems to be on statues now, and they admittedly make awesome pieces of which I own a few. But even with that, seems that 2/3 of what is being released lately is Bat family stuff.

Would love to see:

  • The Designer Series line of figures make a comeback.
  • A return for The Man of Steel and Art of War statue lines for Superman and Wonder Woman. Batman, Harley and now Joker have dedicated lines. Seems off that Supes & Wondy are left out.
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Slides another note to voice support for the first note.

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Given the nature of my collection, it really bugs me that they never made a Lee Bermejo Wonder Woman in that line.

Yes. I am blown away by some statues but maybe get 1 out of every 20. Not that the market should be built around me (but it really should) but I think a more consistent line of figures just makes sense. I don’t see why they can’t work quarterly. I would personally want BTAS more than once a year but they could do Designer Series, Animated, Icons, (movie?) on an alternating, quarterly basis.
I get why Batman, Harley, and Joker are prioritized but I don’t think other characters can’t be successful, especially in the direct market.

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Spoken like a true collector. A feeling I understand all too well :joy:.

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We all understand that mentality. :slightly_smiling_face: