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Obviously we all love DC Comics and I’m sure a good majority of us collect too. Would love to hear from everyone on of their best DC Comics finds through the years. One of my most valuable is Batman Adventures #12, debut of Harley Quinn. Bought that back in the day for $3.00 before the Harley Quinn freakout.


Two of the most Valuable ones I have is new gods #1 and teen titans #44 first appearance of nightwing

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Batman 166 as a kid this really struck me, today it’s still one of the ultimate Batman Escape stories (the Houdini side of Batman)
look up the cover on Google …Batman 166, amazing and I was able to find a copy it’s a little beat but that’s one of the many I like. two boxes of stuff that I’m really thrilled to have, another 18 boxes not so thrilled but yep

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Not my most valuable yet… But my most treasured Birds of Prey #37 1st app of Condiment King. I like to get first appearances of weird villains

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My best DC find occurred at an early 1980’s New York comic convention when I trade a copy of Avengers

My best DC comic find occurred at a New York comic con in the early 1980’s when I traded a copy of Avengers #100 (I had two) and fifty bucks for Justice League of America (vol 1). #1. Till this day it is the king of my collection.



I aspire to own every issue of the Alan Moore run of Saga of The Swamp Thing. The most valued in that collection is #25, first appearance Constantine.


I have Batman and the Outsiders #1. I think that’s my most valuable one without a signature. I’m not sure about my other comics and there values are though

Constantine makes his debut in issue #37, Applejack.

Action comics 252. First appearance of supergirl. Bought a beat up copy ungraded for $200. True it cost about $70 to get it graded by CGC but at 2.5 I could sell it for $1000 easy.

One of my local LCS’ had a huge selection of silver and bronze Justice Leagues, Worlds Finest, and the various Superman titles of the eras that I raided recently. No super great keys or anything. But still a lot of books in good to very good condition that I was able to pad my collection with.

Love hearing about all these, some of my others are:

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 (First appearance of Darkseid)
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1 (First Print)
Shazam! #28 (First DC appearance of Black Adam)
Detective Comics #267 (First appearance of Bat-Mite)

Love these issues

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The Tales of Teen Titans #44 - First Nightwing

Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #70 - First appearance if Catwoman in the Silver Age

Detective Comic’s #363 - Second Appearance of Batgirl

Oh and can’t forget the controversial…

Batman Damned #1 - First appearance of the BatWang/batpole lol