Collected Editions? (All-Star Squadron, Young All-Stars, Infinity Inc.)

Hello, i dont have the best resources to always find whats been put into a collected edition, whats coming to a collected edition, or whats out of print for a collected edition…

So i was hoping some people might be able to help me with these 3 series.

Are there any good collected editions of All-Star Squadron besides the “Showcase Presents” version?

Have the Young All-Stars EVER been in a collected edition?

Has Infinity Inc. been in a collected edition? I seem to recall seeing there was maybe a vol. 1 of Infinity inc, and im guessing its out of print and hard to find?
Another thing that threw me off, was i saw there was a Vol. 2 but it appears it was never released?

I really love Geoff Johns JSA, and there are a few different ways to get that. I also like the “Archive Editions” of All-Star Comics, but some of these 80’s titles are harder to come by.

So, if anyone knows if there are good collected editions out there, or if there are some coming down the road … it would be very helpful - Thanks!


I got long boxes FILLED with series like young all stars, crystar, o.g. spider ham…stuff thats never gonna be put in a bookshelf worthy format. BUT…lately ive been thinkin of sending them to a book-binder, gettin them HCed. Look into it, its perfect for those types of books.


Comicbookdb is your friend. According to that site, and to answer your questions:

  • “Showcase Presents” is the only collection of All-Star Squadron.

  • There are no collections of “Young All-Stars”.

  • There is one collection of “Infinity, Inc.”, collecting the first 4 issues and a few issues of “All-Star Squadron” featuring the Infinity, Inc. team.

Hope that helps.

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But as a consolation prize, I believe they are all on here.

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This may help:

I used to use it until I decided to uncomplicate matters for myself, and just go on an omnibus route.

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All star Squadron #25-#26 (1983). Then All Star Squadron Annual #2 (1983), then infinity inc (1984) #1 -#4 is the generations saga vol 1 collected. From there u can read infinity inc ‘84 straight thru. In that order infinity inc. forms, applies for membership with the Squadron. The Squadron votes no so they form infinity inc. then start their own squad (infinity inc obviously) and start their adventures in infinity inc ‘84 & it coincides perfectly if read in that order.

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