[CLOSED] Questions About DC Universe Rewards Program? Ask Here!

Yes, the program is ending.


Are tgey going to announce the winner for the sweepstakes on here or no

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Is anyone else having trouble redeeming rewards on the app? Every time I click on the redeem button I get a loading icon that never goes away. Today is the last day. Help!

If you haven’t done so already, I recommend you reach out to the DCU help center ASAP before the rewards page closes.

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Any lingering questions? Please email rewards@dcuniverse.com!


I just sent a quick email. Thanks!

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I had no trouble accessing it via the browser on my phone. The mobile app just wasnt working :man_shrugging:t2:

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It came in :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: rewards I like them first time winning something from DC :grin::grin:


@thewonderDiana no response. Too late now but $5 and $10 off DC Shop codes did not work. Not feeling good about it.

What are you trying to buy? They don’t work on any sale items or on blu rays or DVD’s.

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I know. I’ve tried everything. Face masks, socks, mugs, cups, shirts, literally went through every category to make sure i wasn’t missing something.

Really wish they did work on dvds. Young Justice would be mine for the watching.

That’s strange, I hope they can make it up to you somehow. I had two $25 codes and used them separately on two different poster orders, each poster was $24.95. So I got them both for free with the codes, and they worked no problem.

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Thanks. Same. I’m doubtful at this point with it ending and I’ve had a couple emails out for a little bit now (another issue with a sold out item after redeeming)… but glad you got your posters.

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It is possible you’re trying them in the wrong shop? You may need to try them in the DCUniverse Shop or the DC Entertainment shop. Not sure if you’re reached out to Rewards@DCUniverse.com via e-mail yet, but that’s the best routing for identifying your exact code.

Regardless, if you redeem your tokens for a coupon, we will get you the value of your redemption. Please continue to stay in touch, and we’re truly sorry for the frustration.Even when the program ends, your code for the shop will still work, once we get you sorted out.

One solution: Try uninstalling/reinstalling the app. Or, if on browser, a few solutions: clear your cache/cookies, or try a different browser like Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.

We will announce when the winner is selected :slight_smile:

Hi, everyone! We’ll be closing this topic and routing everyone moving forward to ask their questions to the e-mail address rewards@dcuniverse.com. Please contact us there to amend any issues or get information on the status of your reward.

In the meantime, we would love to hear your reflections on the program in our topic over here: