[CLOSED] Questions About DC Universe Rewards Program? Ask Here!

Please be sure that your questions aren’t already addressed in our handy-dandy reference pages here:

How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

:thinking: "I did not receive a confirmation on my posters or pins, when can I expect the prize?"

We ask that members allow 6-8 weeks for shipping on their items due to COVID-related delays. We are currently working on getting confirmations out to all members who have redeemed their codes, so please stay tuned!

:thinking: "Can I stack my discount codes for the shop?"

You may only use one discount code per order.

:thinking: "How often are new rewards dropped?"

New Rewards are updated on a semi-regular basis. Keep your eyes peeled on the notification bell in the Rewards section!

:thinking: "Why do some many folks have thousands of tokens in the leaderboard?"

The leaderboard is a reflection of the total amount of tokens earned over time. For some people, they have received refunds due to an error of accidental redemptions or damaged product. For this reason, it appears they have a lot more tokens, but their actual balance is closer to the high average.

:thinking: "Will any Rewards prizes that were in the inventory previously be available in the future?"

At this time the majority of Rewards are sold out. But we are looking into production of a few items, so please stay tuned!

Have general questions about how the rewards program works? Ask away in the comments below!


Is there anyway to access the rewards page other than clicking the link provided to sign up?


Just that link, for now- when it is officially rolled out here in the near future, it will be integrated right into the app, near the My DC menu :slight_smile:


Okie dokie! Thank y’all for all of the help and rolling out this program, it’s SUPER!!

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So happy you’re liking it! It will be even better when we have all the rewards public and it’s right there in DC Universe. in the meantime, enjoy earning early tokens!


I had rewards on the app for, like, an hour, then it went away. Is that supposed to happen?


I can see it again now

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Just a wee heads up, you MIGHT see it disappear again- this is why for our broader release, we’re recommending folks only access the rewards experience through their desktop or laptop. This is in preparation for the Grand Opening, happening in the very near future!


Is the ability to redeem for a free month of DCU a one time thing? Is it going to be a consistent feature that people can redeem repeatedly? If so, how the heck are you guys going to keep the platform viable?


We are currently evaluating how often this will be redeemed, but we would also like to encourage our fans to share their codes with others if they’ve already gotten their fill :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response. Makes sense.

If we’ve earned enough points to redeem for a free 30 days, and gotten the code, where do we enter that, or where do we direct a new subscriber to enter it to redeem it?

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I just was wondering about the rewards program and if it cost money if so how much

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Where is this done?

Quick question! Is the earn limit reset at the time you registered or at the time you hit your weekly limit? :thinking:


Reset at the time you registered every week.



Free to all registered members, even those without an active subscription, though a subscription obviously makes earning tokens far easier.



I’m looking forward to the official roll out :slightly_smiling_face:

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Awesome, thanks for replying! :blush:

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Hey there! You can technically hold on to it until it’s time to renew your subscription. You can also direct new recruited members (thank you!!) to sign up for a DC Universe account, and when they are taken to the payment screen, put their code into the “Gift Code” section found on the left :slight_smile:


It looks like this was already answered, but I’ll chime in just to make sure: It doesn’t cost anything to join the rewards program! It will be easier to earn tokens if you are a paid subscriber, because we reward for reading comics and watching videos- but you can also earn for free actions across the service, like reading news articles and participating in the community :slight_smile:

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