Cliff Chiang Returns to DC with Catwoman: Lonely City!

As both a writer and an artist, Cliff Chiang has left an indelible mark on the DC Universe, from
his celebrated work with Brian Azzarello on Wonder Woman to Zatanna, Green Arrow and Black Canary, and Batman Black & White, among others. His next great DC series, Catwoman: Lonely City, arrives in comic book stores and on participating digital platforms on October 19, spotlighting Selina Kyle in a world with no Batman to protect it.

To learn more about this new entry for Catwoman, head on over to DC Comics!

Are you excited for the return of Cliff Chiang and Catwoman? Let us know in the comments! :point_down:


That sounds super cool! I’m not sure if I’ve read anything that he’s wrote, but Chiang is a brilliant artist and this premise sounds super fascinating. In case anyone hasn’t read the article:


I saw this news earlier but I’m completely unfamiliar with Chiang so I don’t know what to expect.

I get some young adult vibes from the imagery here so hopefully someone can give me an idea of what to expect.

But I’ve been really into Catwoman lately and the idea of her protecting the city rather than Batman is a very interesting concept.


Cliff Chiang? I’m in.

Cliff Chiang on Catwoman? I’m really in.

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