Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne Friendship

I’m interested in hearing everyone’s opinions and analysis on the friendship between Clark and Bruce. I’ve seen instances where they seem to be close friends and instances where the friendship is simply just respectful; but at the end of the day they don’t see eye to eye. What are yalls thoughts?


I have read a lot of Superman pretty recently and Batman has popped up throughout certain stories. There was a story where Lois was missing and Superman was slowly dying because of kryptonite poisoning. Superman enlisted Batman’s help to find Lois. During this time there were obvious differences between the way Superman and Batman went about their job. For one, Superman sees everyone as people, no matter what he is doing, and Batman cannot do that. I apologize, I am not sure of the issue number as I was reading this in a TPB and not exactly sure which TPB I was reading from. I can tell you this is from the year 2000. Maybe @Vroom might be able to help?

With all of that said, I do think they are best friends. During the Death of Superman storyline, outside of Lois and the Kent’s, I think Batman took his death the hardest. This makes sense as they can share experiences beyond what Lois and the Kent’s can. They both put their lives on the line to help people. While the approaches are different they have more things in common than anyone else.


Just like any friendship you’re not going to see eye to eye on everything, but at the end of the day them being friends is a neat dynamic. I really enjoy it and hope to see more of it in the future, unlike Jon and Damian, thanks Bendis.


I think when you read Superman they are good friends because the book is written from his side. Batman isnt good friends with anyone in his books. Especially recently given events, but he does seem to treat Superman the same as the family bat etc, which would mean some of the people are as close as they can be. If you look at wedding books they spent time together, but not exact back slapping good times.


This is my analysis of their relationship.

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@darkstarz_wantzasandwich That sounds like Critical Condition. From volume 5 or 6 of the early '00s Superman trade run. I think it’s the last volume of that group.


That seems about right. After reading so much Superman in such a short period of time I couldn’t tell you where I read anything that I will probably reference.


I think Critical Condition is also in the Superman: City of Tomorrow trades.

Volume 1 is out now, but I’m thinking Critical Condition is in the forthcoming volume 2, out around November or so.

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Not the same bald guy, but close enough.


Very chummy. Brotherly love.

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I have always thought that they were close friends, even though they have different approaches. Because of those different approaches they will sometimes come to heads, but at the end of the day they are still friends.

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Silver Age:
The Batman + Superman team first appeared in Superman #76. At first their freindship started as a rivalry because of the fact they both loved Lois Lane but shifted into two overgrown boyscouts doing work together. As a side note, I never liked how they made Batman more of Superman’s sidekick.

Bronze age

Modern age

The Team Is Back! But this time written by Jeph Loeb.

Conclusion: A summery can be made by Up in the Sky #1

For me this is the book that sums up the modern version of their relationship


I like their friendship! I like Superman’s and the Robins friendship more lol


From Different writers perspective at the time is where I’d draw my conclusion. Most often seems Clark is (obvi) the more sentimental and righteous of the 2 vs. Bruce Being more about Respect and Pragmatism