City on the Brink: Gotham's Worsening Fear State

The spooky season may have just ended, but let’s face it, when you’re living in a city like Gotham, how can you tell the difference? The city is constantly reeling from one traumatic event after another. What does that do to a city’s psyche? “Fear State,” the latest Bat-Family crossover event, explores that question.

I don’t mean to dredge up bad memories, but let’s take a moment to recall what 2020 felt like. Remember how it felt like there was a world-shattering crisis every other week? There was always something new to get anxious about, and we never had time to regain our balance. Now take a moment to consider this—Gotham has been living like this for many years. The city has been taken over by multiple madmen, been infected with a deadly plague, destroyed by an earthquake, and abandoned by the United States government. And that’s really just the start.

A city can only take so much before it snaps, and that’s exactly what Jonathan Crane is counting on.

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It’s funny - I can’t figure out whether I like Fear State or Joker War better. Both have serious flaws, but I also really enjoy parts of both - and, of course, they’re both strongly connected since James Tynion is driving both of them.

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