Chronological Order of The Dc Universe

I know this is a very big universe with multiverses but I’m looking to jump into DC from the chronological and crossover and big events. New to A lot of the dc universe in terms of the comics but wanting to know a good point to start at in 60-70s DC. Hits blunt

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Flash 123

It introduces Earths 1 & 2. Earths 1 being the silver age and earth 2 being characters from the golden age.


After Flash 123

129 flashback to last Jsa All Star 57
137 Jsa reunites

Then Justice League of America 1960

21 22
29 30 Evil Earth 3

Then teamup with Jla and Jsa every year


100 102 Seven Soldiers of Victory
107 108 Earth X Nazi
135 137 Shazam

Later Legion of Super Heroes and New Gods

Other Earth 2 Books

All Star from 58 on Power Girl
All Star Squadron WW2
Infinity Inc Children of JsA

Crisis on Infinite Earths killed multiple Earths

New 52 2011

Earth 2

Worlds Finest Power Girl and Helena Wayne Huntress

This should be of help:

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