Christopher Priest

Other than Geoff Johns and Scott Snyder I think Christopher Priest is the best writer currently at DC and would love to see him take over Superman. I’m not saying his take will be great but I just want him to have a chance.


Not as good as James Owsley,but still not bad.


I see what you did there, metsdan. Gave me a chuckle.

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Lol. But back to the poster…go try and find his Justice League Task Force run. At the time there were three justice league titles. That was the one I was sad to see go before the Morrison revamp.

I’ve loved what I’ve read of his Deathstroke run and his brief time on Justice League (few strange plot decisions aside). He’s quickly becoming a creator who I’ll try anything he does (if you guys don’t mind recommendations from the other aisle, he recently did a great Inhumans mini, and his Black Panther run is iconic for very good reasons).

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I really like his Deathstroke run.

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I cannot read Priests’ stories.

He can to superman as soon as he’s done with Deathstroke rebirth. He’s done such an amazing job to the character and I’d argue its the best run for the character in a very long time. He became my favorite writer because of how he writes Slade

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I really enjoy what I’ve read of his Deathstroke run and his Black Panther run is great (if you liked the movie go and read it; the plot isn’t really the same but alot of elements are taken whole cloth from those comics). The only problem I have with Priest is that he’s not the easiest writer to jump on board midstream or even at the beginning of an arc. You really need to commit to reading the whole run from the beginning or risk getting lost

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I’m loving his Deathstroke run! As far as his Black Panther run, I like it but Coates’s better.

I remember running into Owsley during his Green Lantern and Image Comics runs. These runs were quite good, and some of my favorites as a kid.

At the time, I was unaware of his name change. I had just started really looking for particular creators’ names. And I remember being disappointed that I couldn’t find anymore Owsley.